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Clear the Stigma! DID is this:

January 3, 2021
By Anonymous

(my space key is jammed im having troubletyping, sorry)

Dissocitive identity dissorder, previosly known as multiple personality disorder. what is it?

so apparently, if u have did than one of thelunatics insideyouis probably a mass murderer, or did isn't real, or your faking it to get attention.

WHY THE HECK?!?! people with did are already struggling as it is,they do not need people assuming their evil. 

Actually, did isthis.

a child under the ages of 7-9 suffers repeated trauma. this couldmean abuse,natural disasters, kidnapping, anything that qualifies as trauma. the personality is not fully integrated at thispoint, so the brain copes by creating amnesic barriers and splits off a new personality to handle the trauma. this is called an alter, they do not solely existto hold trauma, theyare their own personal identity with their own opinions and feelings. so, then any time trauma happens the brain creates a new alter to hold it so the host(who is out most oftenand isunaware oftheir did(my space key isgetting worse, sorry)) can function. the brain alsocreates altersto fill needs, including protectors, nurtures, gatekeepers, fragments, etc. not all alters are human, there are ghost alters, mythical creature alters(like a fairy or a dragon), animal alters, and even inanimate alters(likea rock). at some point later in life the host usually becomes aware of their alters, and its difficult. imagine if you really wanted to be a vet, and then you find out you have did and oneofyour alters is triggered by blood, so you cant be a vet, and another alter doesn't even want a job, and another wants to be a scientist, but you hate science. but ur sharing one body and one life(and if u go ahead and be a vetanyway its gunna come back to haunt u). the daily challenges of someone with did. esspecalliy if u were almost done ur doctorate when u found out abt ur did. so the medias portrayil of "evil alters" is probably based on persecutors. they only hurt their own system or another alter in it, because their trauma holders. maybe their memorys are so terrible that they don't know how tocope and so maybe to try and express to the system how they feel they hurt the body or other alters. maybe they think if they abused the body on their terms the abusers wont need to and they'll be protecting the body. maybe their angry that they have the memories and arehurting others to try and express how they feel, or maybe they blame an alter for their trauma. in any case, persecutors are misunderstood and not a threat to other people. if anything, their less likely to be dangerous because they've been traumatized,so their likely  to fall into the role of a victim. and if every system were evil or had an evil alter, you would be dead. people with did are as common as people with red hair. 

to clarify, Did is a real disorder(an extreme form of ptsd). if you want to know more go to youtube and find dissociadid. again, sorry about my spacekey jamming.

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on Apr. 23 at 8:50 pm
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
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i am actually kinda terrified i have did... i do have trauma, i dont know what it is, and I have a detailed through plan for my life and my own dreams and goals and I really don't want to have to share my life with 50 other people

Lydiaq DIAMOND said...
on Apr. 23 at 5:50 pm
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