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oh, yeah. thats right, your black. somehow i forgot.

January 19, 2010
By hannapey66 BRONZE, Aberdeen, North Carolina
hannapey66 BRONZE, Aberdeen, North Carolina
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You have such an amazing light shining from within you. I can see it sparkling from your pores as you smile, or talk about the basketball game on tv last night, or how your mom told you how she thinks your a piece of work. And strangly, I can see your light when you look at me. I can see it the most then.
I always wanted someone to shine around me. For most of my adolescent life, that was all i wished for when it was time to blow the candles out, or when a shooting star came along, or when i found an eyelash on my shirt. I wished for someone who would look at me with so much passion, and who would hold me and never let go. Basically, i wished for the cheesy romantic junk that i wasn't sure existed, only because it wasn't happening to me. But if i could have rolled up all of those wishes from my childhood and pressed and squashed them together, you would be the ending product.
Okay, i will admit, love does have some pain in it. It does hurt when my mother's friends ask about boyfriends, and i respond with a yes, and they respond with a mixture of shock and the face people make when they smell a trashcan when they find out you are black. Im not an emotional person, but the looks i get when we hold hands make me want to curl up into a ball and sob my guts out. But i will continue to reasure you that i don't mind what others think, because that is mostly true. i wouldnt put myself through all of the pain i feel if it wasn't worth it. I can ignore those looks and snickers if it means that you will always brush my hair out of my face, call right on time and apologize profusely when you are a minute late to dial my number, and when it means that you will always continue to say "i love you more" and mean it.
I can't survive without you, it is just that simple. People change, feelings change, and likes and dislikes change, but some people will never get over the fact that you have black skin and mine is white. Why they can't expand their mind capacity to understand not to "judge a book by it's cover" is beyond me. But a relationship is between two people. Not a crowd, not a stadium full of spectators, not even a close group. So i will not let anyone effect what we have. I will only pity them for not getting lucky enough to see you shine like i get to.

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on Jan. 25 2010 at 11:05 am
E.A.Costa BRONZE, Cary, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
It doesn't matter what color my skin is, how long my hair is, or whether I'm a woman or a man-John Lennon

I really hope everything works out. Its sad that people are so ignorant about the fact the race means nothing. Race is a pigment on your skin. It doesn't define you, and it shouldn't affect you in anyway.

-A fellow North Kakalakian