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Discrimination in School

April 8, 2014
By JasonHub274 GOLD, Mysore, Other
JasonHub274 GOLD, Mysore, Other
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It is a common sight in schools- gangs of boys and girls roaming around while a few are left alone. Many of the gang members always surround the gang leader-the most popular or the most intelligent or the richest. The gang members always flatter the gang leader and have their advantages or privileges. But those who disagree with any such person is left alone, without company. Others won't dare help such discriminated person due to the fear of various gangs. The people left alone are humiliated by almost everyone as the humiliated ones don't have any support. But do any one of those gangs see such people as humans with feelings? If they humiliate a helpless person, does it give them any satisfaction? Is it humanity? Many of such kids are discriminated due to illness, fitness, caste, gender or age. Some are bullied because thy are either too fat or too short or too thin. Even if such kids are quite intelligent, they are bullied. It can be either due to professional grudge or personal grudge or simply for fun! But the ones who are bullied victims? What about them? Some parents comfort their children but what will those people do without parents or careless parents? I think this gang formation must be stopped. All are equal in society and must receive equal respect. Everyone must be friendly. I understand this as I have experienced this. So make a choice...

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