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Yah You Teacher's Pet

December 1, 2014
By Olaf.lover GOLD, Fairfax, Virginia
Olaf.lover GOLD, Fairfax, Virginia
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"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain."

Have you ever been called a Tom Boy? What about a Girly Girl? Why do humans think putting labels on us help us? People think it is weird to be friends with a boy when you are a girl. Just because we are friends doesn’t mean we have to have feelings for each other. Humans think that we put people together on what they like, or what they believe. So what if they are a girl or boy. My best friend and I get along amazing. We are polar opposites from each other. She reads all the time, I would rather do math or run a mile. I also have a ton of friends who are boys. I am an athlete. We like the same things. Why can only boys play in the NFL? Us girls can play football in High school. Why when you thing of gymnastics, you think of a girl sport. Boys actually do more then girls in gymnastics. In gym, they test us. (School test us like crazy… my whole family thinks we should learn not just to learn it for a test). Girls have to be more flexible then boys, and boys have to have more endurance then girls. Some boys at my school, talk about who is the fastest runner. They don’t even say a girl’s name. They say there is equality, then why has there only been male presidents.

Have you ever been called a Nerd, or a Popular? What if you just have a lot of friends? Or you are a straight A student? Are you still considered a Nerd or a Popular? Is that really fair? You don’t know them that well if you just assume they are a jock because they can run fast. Even if yes we can run fast, we might be really popular. What is we just like to dress nice? Are we still popular? School is hard, prejudging, acuminous, pimples. These are your peers that give you labels. Rumors spread like wild fire. Labels are written all over you in Sharpie. Sharpies are hard to wash out, and it takes someone special to find the magic eraser. It might not seam so bad to you, but you don’t know how this person’s emotional life is like. Laugh now, but they might be crying later.

Are labels fair? Do you like rumors about you? Do you being laughed at? The answer to all of these is No.  Did you know labeling is a form of bulling? It is easer to say I don’t punch kids so I am not a bully. What if I were to say 1/3 kids say they have been bullied. 17.6% reported being called names, made fun of, or insulted. 18.3% said they had rumors spread about them. What dues labeling have to do with any of this? Labeling has a little to do with all of this. I have been called Thomas’ little sister a million times. My Name is Rachel thank you. If you take the time to know my brothers name, take the time to learn mine. Labeling is a little deal that affects many people. Saying sorry dues not tae back the word, it will always be in that persons mind.

Remember, you don’t know as much as you think.

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