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Demand Respect, It's The Only Way To Get It

August 5, 2015
By The_Typist_ SILVER, Rochester, Minnesota
The_Typist_ SILVER, Rochester, Minnesota
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People with disabilities cannot be treated as equal as an abled person. As the name implies, there is something they cannot do and therefore accommodations must be made. 

My disability is that I'm hearing impaired. As the name implies, I cannot hear that well. Accommodations are made in the classroom, my home and with friends. 

People with disabilities can, and should, be treated with the same respect as an abled person. There are a million things they can do, to make up for the thing they cannot do. But our world doesn't work like that. The disabled are the outcasts simply because of that one thing they cannot do. 

So we must fight back and demand respect.  

I want to encourage anybody with a disability to show the world that you have a presenceRefuse to be a charity case or the outcast. Refuse to be defined by just crappy ears or failing eyes. Make people acknowledge you for who you are and not just your disability. 

I demand respect wherever I go. I refuse to be a chairity case and I refuse to let myself be an outcast.  

The author's comments:

This was written in answer to one of the many questions I've recieved since birth;

'You're hearing impaired, yet you're so talkative and bright! Why?' 

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