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Celebrity Life

January 28, 2021
By Anonymous

Celebrity Life

You would think that celebrities live a pretty good life because they usually make money and lots of people have the perspective on life that money is everything. In reality it isn’t, love is meaningful in life. I’d rather be poor and have love, rather than be rich and lonely. Love is meaningful in life, many celebrities find “love” and it fails because of the amount of pressure, by the time they settle they have already been through so many relationships, they have trust issues.

Many celebrities have money and many usually donate money to charities. That is a good thing because many actually need the money. Many foundations use the money to buy things such as food, household items, clothes, etc. Many celebrities know what it's like to be in the struggle so they help. Celebrities are very good people to charities because they donate, this also helps them be depicted as good people, by donating money they become more popular. They can become the “face” of charities.

Many soccer players donate money to organizations such as UNICEF and the Red Cross, some of the organizations help certain countries in specific places. Some help with medical bills and building hospitals in poor countries. The player Sadio Mane has donated lots of his money to build schools and hospitals in his home country. Another player like Kante also does this, they are very humble players who donate most of their salary for good causes, they help their home countries, while also supporting themselves and their families.

Many celebrities do depend on a woman though, as they say, “Behind every good man, is an even better woman.” Many celebrities have good women with them who support them. Although many are away for periods of time the women in their lives still support them and are there for them no matter what. Many are great motivators, such as Georgina for Cristiano Ronaldo she motivates him to do better and at 35 years of age he is still a top player in the world of football. Lebron James’s wife supports him and helps him be at his best performance level no matter what.

So overall celebrities are very good people and role models who are impacted by different factors in their lives.

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