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The R.A.M's Columns: The 93rd Academy Awards & My First Car

April 26, 2021
By RichardAlanMorris GOLD, Ventnor, New Jersey
RichardAlanMorris GOLD, Ventnor, New Jersey
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The 93rd Academy Awards Review

The 2021 Academy Awards is one of the most weirdest and random award show I've ever seen. Yes, this award shows is memorable with the speech from Tyler Perry or Nomadland win 3 nominations, including best pictures and best actress (Francis McDormand), but there is controversial moments that were seen on the show so far. I look at the reviews on Twitter showing many criticism that shows the nomination that we didn't deserve. I was watching Ma Rainey's Black Bottom starring Viola Davis & Chadwick Boseman, and I love it. I love the performance, and I love how they perform during that scene. Boseman deserve the award couple month ago in the Golden Globe Award, and now he didn't win. He lost the nomination to freaking Anthony Hopkins, which he deserved, but would've accept Chadwick more than him. Well yes, there are couple of African-American actors win the nomination for either an actor/actress, but someone who dedicate someone who help them succeed would've accept the award. He mourn the death of a beloved actor who help inspired other, but yet accept someone who is 83 years old and won many awards throughout his life. Look, I know I'm trying to respect him for his nominations, but what I'm saying is that I predict Boseman to accept the nomination for Best Actor. He would've won the award for Best Supporting Actor, but the Oscars is like "Well, many people love him, so let's put him in the best actor category." Nonetheless, I like the award show so far, so many deserve nominees and other things that goes in our head. I wish I can watch it again but I decided that I should go back to school and start filming about being in black and white. It's not like being in the 20th Century, but I want to do it like one of the film in the show.

My First Car

The 2003 Volkswagen Jetta is one of the best affordable car you can buy as a beginner. This twin turbo V-8 classic coupe can hold up to 50,000 miles with diesel engine, which is one thing I like about this car. So I decided to buy this car by bringing my brother to a black market. It cost $650 plus free fully repaired parts that could easily came from a nearby Goodyear in Egg Harbor Township. The reality is, when I first saw that car, I feel amazed. Imagine if you get a christmas present from Santa at the age of 16, this is one thing that would enjoy your jolly. I come downstairs to look at the car, beautiful color that fit my interest, and I love the interior. The only problem with my car is the scars, because there are some parts that was remove anywhere from the front wheel to the rear bumper. The market just said "Plus free fully repaired parts" even though my car was ruined by the scars and other missing parts. This is the most Republican idea they ever done (Republican is another word for lies). So far, I like the car. It's comfortable and has a sunroof that could open and close at the same time. Even though I don't have a driver license yet, my family will drive this car until I recieve the license and bringing in the ugliest license plate in America, New Jersey. My mom once told me that my car is better than my brother's first car, the Nissan Maxima, because of how the engine would increase speed and the amount of miles I would drive from here to Philadelphia. If I go on a road trip from Atlantic City to New York, it would take 1 hour and 30 minutes with the astonishing 1,200 miles. My car can drive nearly 50,000 miles till the gas ran out, so I was lucky that this car is the best car that people can buy when they reach 16 and recieve a driver license. No wonder why I didn't make a Drivers-Ed film thanks to my car insurance, my parents, and people who don't want to work with me just because I'm too overated.

Tiger Woods has survived

Legendary golfer Tiger Woods posted a picture on Instagram 2 month after a fatal accident. He survived, but has serious conditions. The photo shows Woods smiling with cruches on both hands with his dog smiling. This turns out he is still alive, and I thought that if the car kept crashing down the mountain in a Genesis, he would've die. But I'm glad he is still alive, but I wonder whether the General Motors will fix the issues with electric cars, particularly self-driving.

The Toughest Elections in U.S History

A year remains until the 2022 U.S Elections, the Senate, House, and Governor elections is one of the toughest. As my 18th birthday is coming up in just 6 months, I may finally be able to vote for the first time. Couple of years ago, I was in middle school for the upcoming 2016 election when we vote either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Surprisingly, about 56% of people voted for Clinton in my school, while 48% voted for Trump. Whoever voted for Trump would celebrate at their basement for a party announce that he won the election by a landslide. Well, fast foward to 2020, Joe Biden won the election by a landslide, so whoever voted for him, they will start partying in the basement with 7 people on board. So far, the Republican don't listen to the people anymore, and decided to make an anti-black voter supression into law. I'm not surprised about the idea, just because they can do whatever they want and they don't have any political experience. Even though, I am not interested in politics, but there are some celebrities who will run for political office, especially they want to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some including Californian Republican and former Olympic athlete Caitlyn Jenner and Matthew McConaughey would be interested in politics, but I don't know whether they will handle a big challenge when they become governors. My governor, Phil Murphy, was ready for an upcoming election, but he's going to reopen everything even though we have so many cases in our state. Hey don't worry, the election will be fine in our state, but not our congressman. Congressman Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) doesn't give a crap about us and only focusing on his net worth and his crap performance. Imagine if he's a fascist and sending out dead fish and other nasty food like the one dish from Cambodia, this is what we are going to eat due to the Republican's offer. For now, this is a huge battle between the good and the bad. More political interference means more support for Republicans and I hope one day we will move out if there is another Civil War just like the time Abraham Lincoln became president. I would've move to the U.K to hang out with many drunken and friendly teenagers who interested in soccer (football) and the fight against the European Super League. I would've move to Colombia to spend some time and not getting killed. I would've move to New Zealand so I can go out on vacation with no cases at all. So right now, there will be no peace. No team, no dream.

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