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Smells Like Murder Conspiracy

December 8, 2009
By Videowonder55 SILVER, 85338, Arizona
Videowonder55 SILVER, 85338, Arizona
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March 25, 1994: Kurt Cobain is admitted to Exodus Recovery Center in Los Angeles. March 30, 1994: Kurt Cobain jumps the back wall of the rehab center. April 5, 1994: Kurt Cobain is found dead in his house on Lake Washington with a shotgun next to him. With this information, one would come to the conclusion of suicide; however, there is more to the story; much more information that wasn’t given to the press and it all points to murder. (Biography)

The .20 gauge shot gun found next to the body of Kurt Cobain was automatically dubbed for the sole purpose of suicide. In all actuality, he was in fear for his life. The gun was bought before he left rehab as opposed to the misinformation the media was saying. The shotgun was loaded with three shells, most people who commit suicide with a firearm load only one bullet, which was for protection. Most importantly, there were no legible fingerprints on the gun, which points towards someone wiping the prints off after using said firearm, trying to cover their tracks. (Grant)

When Kurt Cobain’s body was discovered, a missing credit card was noted. The most peculiar thing was happening, however; there were charges being made onto the card. Actually, the latest charge on that card was three hours prior to discovering Cobain’s body. Once the information of Kurt’s death was leaked, the charges magically stopped. This also points to someone murdering Kurt Cobain and stealing his credit card. (Grant)

Not only was Kurt’s body found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head, but there was heroine in his system. Kurt was, indeed, a hardcore heroine addict but his toxicology report stated his heroine blood level was 1.52 milligrams per liter. This would have required at least 225 milligrams of heroine: three times the lethal dose. That amount of heroine would have immediately incapacitated him and made him unable to pull the trigger of his shotgun, much less pick it up. Thus, more evidence pointing towards someone murdering Kurt Cobain and trying to cover it up. (Grant)

The fact is that the police have no evidence towards Kurt Cobain’s death to being a suicide while there is a substantial amount of evidence pointing towards murder. The real question is if Kurt really did kill himself when there is an excessive amount of evidence pointing towards the latter. Would he have left the love of his life, his baby girl, Frances, to grow up without him and those grotesque images in her mind? Would he have done this while he was at one of the happiest times of his life? If so, why? Where is the suicide note? Where is any evidence pointing towards suicide?

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