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More Activism Please

November 15, 2010
By elvinchangling55 SILVER, Malverne, New York
elvinchangling55 SILVER, Malverne, New York
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Celebrities, you, yeah, you,
Look around at all the things you can do
You’re always in the public eye,
Everyone watching, hoping you’ll go awry
You’ve got the media at your command
Why don’t you do some good, lend a hand?
Many of you help charities and such
That’s really great of you, thanks very much.
Honestly, really, this isn’t meant for you
So please don’t take offence at what I’m tryin’ to do.
But most of you who chase the fame and the glory
It’s not all about you, make it someone else’s story.
Use your presence and influence
Into disbelievers, talk some sense.
Use your fame and popularity for good
You’re a society leader, act like you should.
Maybe you didn’t ask for all the attention
But now you’ve got it so you gotta mention
The hunger, poverty, making the world green
Gay rights, education, you pick a scene
Choose a project, make it a priority
Help the world to cancel out minority.
You’ve got the fame and you’ve got the talent
You might as well do something noble and gallant.

The author's comments:
This piece is not about the many celebrities who do support issues and donate to charities. This is a challenge for those in positions of power either political or cultural, who could be involved, to do more. People look up to you, celebrities, give them something worth looking at.

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