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By Anonymous

Eward: some girls say that his cute but do they know him really. Ewards first try as a moeld he was scared and said nothing to the girl he was with that day i say read more about...

Santa Cruz, California
Alex.D SILVER, Santa Cruz, California
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Lindsey.L SILVER, New York, California
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Something_Underneath SILVER, Ozawkie, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
I said I'd fight back. I didn't say that I'd fight fair.

Karina Guitron BRONZE, Lyons, Illinois
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By Denise Leland BRONZE
Spokane, Washington
Denise Leland BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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Broken_hearted_wolf SILVER, Auburn, Washington
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By Zachary Wisham BRONZE
Denver, North Carolina
Zachary Wisham BRONZE, Denver, North Carolina
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Kara Coleman SILVER, Gadsden, Alabama
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