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The Danger in Our Food

June 6, 2019
By Gubell BRONZE, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Gubell BRONZE, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
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Since 1994, when Flavr Savr slow ripening tomatoes were introduced by Calgene, genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, have been growing in popularity in stores. Now, most highly demanded cash crops such as soy and corn have their genes changed and are known as GMOs. In recent years, experiments have shown that GMOs have no impact on our health versus non-GMOs, but still many people prefer to buy non-GMO products. In buying non-GMOs, you are also decreasing pesticide use, and helping the environment. In short, GMOs are a threat to humanity and potentially our health.

However, some people think that GMOs have no impact on our health. The Federal Department of Agriculture has approved studies that say that no difference has been found between the health of GMO consumers and non-GMO consumers. So far, this evidence has not taken a single assault. It still remains true. Therefore, people cannot discriminate against GMO products with our evidence.

But the tests that have been done have not given us proof that GMOs are not harmful in the long run. The tests are all good up to our time, but we have only been consuming GMOs for about 20 years. What if, in 15 years, half of the population of the world suddenly falls ill because the GMO remains in our bodies turn out to be toxic? Then what? We might have no control over our lives because the new GMO toxins are killing everyone. Or even if the killer toxins only come into effect on some people, then the industries that rely on GMOs will collapse suddenly. We have no knowledge on what will happen with GMO consumption all around, and likewise, no idea if they will destroy us. That is one reason why GMOs are a threat to humanity.

Also, we don’t know if GMOs are secretly a humanity destroyer, we do know however that climate change and global warming are. The atmosphere change that causes these disasters is largely driven ahead by pollution. A lot of people think that the creation of GMOs lowered the usage of pesticides, a massive polluter, but it did not. Instead, a lot of GMOs were created to be immune to pesticides so farmers can use them to kill the weeds. That means that farmers can spray a lot more pesticides. Roundup® usage has, in fact, gone up by 15 times! That means 15 times the pollution, which means that 15 times more of the environment has been trashed. GMOs are a threat to humanity if they support pesticide use because pesticides ruin the land upon which humans live, and our food grows.


Therefore, we may be killing our race by using GMOs. They are taking away our definite future health and supporting climate change and global warming. In the future, if some of us fall ill by consuming GMOs, then not only will that be a significant threat to humanity, but it will ruin the world’s agriculture industry. And global warming is already taking a toll on us because of pesticide pollution. GMOs support polluting with pesticides, so why are we continuously using them? Ninety-two percent of us corn is genetically modified, so almost all of the corn we eat is GMO! We are supporting them, the potential destroyers of the human race. Because they are so popular, they become even more of a danger. That is why I think that GMOs are a threat to humanity and our health.

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I am a 7th grader in Milwaukee, and I have not been published before.

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