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Does The World Matter?

October 3, 2019
By Kim_1993 BRONZE, Gastonia, North Carolina
Kim_1993 BRONZE, Gastonia, North Carolina
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The smell was putrid, even inside the car: a cross between a dead dog and rotten eggs. Going up the highway, all I could see were the gas plants coughing up black smoke. Even with this image, the problem is not that grave. in the distance and had it before me. It is a joyful experience to see black gas from outside the bathroom window, but the sun is still shining, so why is it a problem? I tell myself the world will heal on its own, but when it tries to do so, my parents turn their car on. When will I wake up? When will we wake up?
“If the federal government spent $10 billion on energy efficiency retrofits, it would create 100,000 jobs and reduce energy by 30 percent in federal buildings,” (A quote from The Apollo Alliance) Job depreciation seems wonderful to me. I mean, not having a job when I need to pay for college, car insurance, and other basic expenses is spectacular. Right now, the problem should not be worried about, who cares about Generation Z and the problems it will face? Should I let the world rot? And hope someone else nourishes it? I am a kid and I am not able to make a change. These are all lies. Lies everyone repeats to themselves to comfort them. Does anyone care? Do I truly care?
I look forward to my future. Will I need to wear a luxurious gas mask to retrieve my mail? When looking outside my window, will I continue to see the glorious puffs of black smoke? “Scientists estimate that to avoid the worst consequences of climate change the United States must reduce its total emissions by 80 percent by 2050.” ( ) Who has acquired this knowledge? I did not have it beforehand. I can now assume that many people are highly informed about how we can try to save our deteriorating planet.
Turning on my car in a few years will cough up marvelous pollution. I believe it will pollute the world beautifully. The sun will contrast the black sky, reassuring me that at least we still the sun. “If everyone replaced 5 miles of driving a week with walking, we would save another 2.6 billion gallons of gas.” ( ) The question is, who is willing to walk during the week to their destination? Not me, but what about you? Why should we go out of our way to satisfy the planet? It should be able to heal on its own. I know my parents will not walk to their jobs, their work, or the grocery store because it is an inconvenience for them. I believe the world falling apart is inconvenient and rude. I hate how the world is not supplying us the way it used to.
We should move to a different planet, so we will not have to deal with our current planet and its pesky requirements. Leaving the world alone will not cause any pollution because we will not be utilizing any nonrenewable resources. We would be giving the earth what it has pleaded since horses stopped being our main transportation. The only downside to my brilliant plan is that we will have to move all of our belongings by ourselves. Our planet can not think fast enough to help us with moving. With the lack of help, I feel that the population will not make a change and go back to cutting trees.
In conclusion, our planet is experiencing a temper tantrum, but we should not get up and address the situation. It will die down soon, so we should not worry about it. The reason we are not making a change is because we do not understand the momentum of the situation. Another reason is that many of use are not experiencing the screams of the planet, but that is okay. I will not be a fool to the warning signs our sacred earth is giving us. Now, excuse me as I go cut some trees.

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My name is Kimberly and I'm a 9th-grade student in high school, located in Gastonia, North Carolina. 

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