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An Easy Way to Fix Our Planet

October 3, 2019
By SomethingC001 BRONZE, Gastonia, North Carolina
SomethingC001 BRONZE, Gastonia, North Carolina
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Isn't it such a dread to walk in the heat that should have never existed? Isn't it a pain to see and smell the smoke, ash, and gas that only make our planet worse? It seems that it is now the crisis we are now facing in our world because we keep making things worse for ourselves. We have made life for Earth's inhabitants a constant struggle. We have been overusing and destroying what little resources we have left. 

According to Mathis Wackernagel from the Global Footprint Network, he states that we use our resources “4 times faster than the planet can produce them and absorb the waste.” So of course, we need to keep doing what we've been doing, as it's in all likelihood safe. Wackernagel also states: “if everyone lived like an American, it would take almost five planets to produce what we consume and absorb our waste.” The solution, dump all our trash into the sea and everywhere we see fit. Earth is struggling to keep up with human activity so much so that not only humans are struggling.

In a perfect world, Humans would be the only species struggling, but sadly nothing is perfect. According to Justin Galliger from Bioscience “Earth is currently undergoing an environmental crisis, with widespread biodiversity loss due to various anthropogenic threats, including overexploitation, habitat loss, and climate change.” Of course, Earth is struggling so, of course, the right choice is to do nothing and continue destroying Earth and its inhabitants. Animals keep losing their habitats and are always in a constant struggle to fight for their lives. Of course, humans are trying to help but some don't realize that there is another way to help animals.

According to Wackernagel from the GFN, “The surface of Earth is about 125 billion acres. But since most is ice, desert and deep ocean, only about one-quarter of it is productive (fishing grounds, forests, grazing land, crop land, etc.). With a world population of about 7 billion, this gives us roughly 5 acres per person, that’s the budget.” Some people even own over 1000 acres of land. That's more land than they need, and that leads to habitat loss causing more struggle for Earth's inhabitants. Of course, people want to help but having more land means a lot in society.

We could just do nothing and hope we don't get an overshoot which is probably the best bet. Wackernagel from GFN states, “Overshoot has many manifestations: climate change is the most prominent and visible indicator that human pressure on the planet has reached a critical point. Particularly in the industrialized nations, carbon emissions from fossil fuels have become the dominant pressure exerted by humanity on nature. Yet it is certainly not the only pressure.” All we need is some hope and our bet would have paid off.

In all honesty though, doing nothing would never pay off. We need to be vigilant and help our dying planet. We only have one, so it would be nice not to lose it when we could have kept it in the first try. We need to do our best to help all other species that live on this planet as well. The only way to save our planet is to change our actions and how we think of our resources.

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The author's comments:

This piece was done for a project. If you ever needed help finding out what to do for our planet please read.

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