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What Is World Peace?

December 18, 2020
By AaronPadgett BRONZE, Springfield, Ohio
AaronPadgett BRONZE, Springfield, Ohio
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December 17th, 2020

What Is World Peace?

This topic I'm writing about is World Peace and I will be going around and doing research on other people's opinions and seeing what they have to say about World Peace and put their answers into paragraphs and making a summary out of each of them. These are the questions I will be asking them, Is it possible to have World Peace someday and how, what would World Peace even look like and how would it fell or you feel as a person if we had World Peace, would World Peace even be a good thing to have as a whole group or would it be better for the economy to keep it how it is and just clean it up a little just for the better.

My first question to them was do you think in time is it somehow possible to have World Peace? And here is his answer, he said it is possible to have World Peace but we would have to do it as one world and it would take time but eventually it would get there and everyone for himself would have to do their part to achieve something like that.

And for the second question I went around on a few different websites and asked them what would World Peace even look like and how would it possibly feel? And what it said was peace can feel like and it says peace smells like flowers, peace has a lot of colours and peace has so many different faces. It says from the same site that you can see it from sensory details such as seeing it tasting it, smelling it and also just feeling it. It is all about realizing peace for a human, as multi racial and togetherness represented through an interpretation of nature.(Development Education)

 For the final question I asked people was would World Peace be a good thing for the world or should we just keep it how it is and just clean the world up just for the better? From a site I found on Panther Print it says it wouldn't really be a good idea because there wouldn’t be any competition in the world and when you fail you improve and succeed and do bigger and better things, so without trying to compete with anybody everything would just fail, But he also says that is how you can start a war is by competition because everyone has there rivalry and grudges.(Panthers Print)

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