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Why aren't we doing more?

January 13, 2021
By Anonymous

Our not-so-green earth is slowly running out of fresh; breathable air. The reason why is because of our use of limited fossil fuels. These same fossil fuels make it harder for ecosystems to thrive. Leaving many animals helpless to our demand. If we keep going at this rate; it will be detrimental to us and our offspring as well; we have to do something about it sooner than later; and the first step is renewable and clean energy sources. Using these resources have benefited homes and companies alike; but we haven’t done anything for the bigger picture. Limited resources continue to harm our environment; While renewables still offer ways to safely keep our homes warm. Why haven’t we done anything big about it yet? Why are climates still rising? 

Limited resources and fossil fuels harm ecosystems. There is no doubt about it, you hear it all the time in news cases. Scientists continue to bring in harmful discoveries to the table. When you hear fossil fuels, you think of cars. And these cars give off way too much CO2. Massive loads of CO2 being released into the atmosphere, daily. Growing up in “Mo-Town” Michigan means I'm stuck in the center of all of it; and it’s sickening to me as a resident. It harms as far as the polar iced capps in the far north, and it's changing how cold our winters are lately. Have you compared snowfall within the past 20 years? It has changed drastically! It’s terrifying! and we have only ourselves to blame. The only thing we can do is take action, and limit the harm by responding with new, cleaner energy sources. These sources can be anything from solar panels, wind turbines, dams, fuel efficient cars, and more.

Now I can tell what you’re thinkin’, what about jobs? Changing over everything ought to erase some jobs in the market; and while jobs are being lost with the introduction of green energy, new jobs are still being created at a faster rate. (Further in depth once actual is written) Because demands are always changing, and even more with the introduction of multiple new energy sources. The need for drilling companies, gas companies and coal miners would still diminish fast, which is a good reason why we haven’t made the switch just yet. But I believe this would open up new jobs and even more jobs for companies like these to switch over to. According to eesi.org, more jobs in clean energy fields grow each year by at least 2-3%, which means that jobs within this field are sustainable. And even the growth for engineering energy efficient vehicles is up by 16%. Our country runs on cars; and if we clean up the way we drive and fuel our cars; it will improve the carbon input in the atmosphere. Which is another reason why we’ve been seeing Tesla gain immense popularity lately. Everyone wants to “Save the planet,” without really knowing how. Seeing companies like Tesla taking the first of many great steps is a big start.

Why it is beneficial; and how other places who “went green” deem it to be better. While many find themselves on the fence of the switch, the next best thing is to showcase why it is beneficial. Friends over at grover beach and the areas around it have switched to cleaner energy sources and showcase the positives of Solar and Wind energy. They showcase how energy bills decreased and how clean the city felt. The city made easing into the process easy for all residents, using tactics and ideals by slowly switching over energy bills and encouraging customers to take part knowing, “You can switch back at any time.” With all of these companies starting to bring efficient energy into our world, we’d hope to see some change soon.

In this world, we pride ourselves on setting the world up for younger generations, but the youth is cleaning up our mistakes. Let’s set it right and clean this up ourselves. We need to encourage more use of eco-friendly renewable resources; or the earth will run on pollutants. I believe that if we all join together, we can limit and even erase the harm we have caused. Creating a new green earth will keep us with unlimited energy, powering homes as long as it’s all operational. We must make the switch sooner or later; else our children will reap what we sowed. Let’s go green.

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