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Pet Peeve Essay

February 26, 2021
By ScrappyCoco SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
ScrappyCoco SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
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"Never apologize for what you feel, It's like being sorry for being real." - Lil Wayne

I wake up every morning at the perfect time where I’m able to get ready for the day and still make it to where I need to be at the precise time. Every morning I wake up at exactly 6:40, I get dressed, start my car, come back inside brush my teeth, and always make sure we’re out the door by 7:00 giving us time to pick up friends who need a ride and still arrive at 7:10, giving us 10 minutes to relax before school. I always arrive on time, despite the newly learned unprofessional slow drivers. 

But one specific morning I woke up a little late, and when I finally fully awoke, I realized this is going to ruin everything. I get dressed quickly and hoped in my car the fastest I ever had. “We’re doing well with time,” I tell my sister, she agrees. We’re chugging along going well over the speed limit making incredible time, I shout out “I hope I don’t get pulled over,” and anxiously laugh. As we approach a big hill, we saw the unthinkable, a huge line of 25 cars and a bus. I thought to myself why does it take to 25 minutes to only drive a 12-minute route, I don’t get it. I feel so frustrated because I’m late, and driving is what I love to do, so when I’m late because of driving it almost feels like I lost the race.  If you’re not gonna go faster than the speed limit then get out of the way, hate and anger boil inside of me. I think to myself I really want to give them the bird. I hesitate, it takes everything inside of me to tell myself “I’m better than that.” 

As we slowly creep down the hill with nothing but cars insight, I see something odd, it’s a car parked off to the side of the road, but not any car an unmarked state trooper. I laugh in relief, this whole time I was getting mad at the slow drivers but it was the slow drivers who just saved me from a $200--or more--ticket.

The author's comments:

When writing in this piece I really thought about what irritated me. I stated why it might make me or others frustrated, but I also wrote about how these little things that make us mad, shouldn't matter to us, instead we should just brush it off because, in the end, it all comes back full circle. 

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