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L. O. V. E.

November 28, 2020
By Anonymous

Ah, you're finally here. How are you? Dont worry you can breathe now. I wanted to talk to you about this thing we call love. Love, L. O. V. E. Such a powerful yet meaningless word we say we love others, but do we really? That's up to you to decide, I'll talk about the person I love for a moment. He's unreal, ethereal, godly, all in all a powerful human. He's inlove with another woman, I dont know how that makes me feel, I dont know if I feel jealousy, anger, or satisfaction. I guess we'll never know unless shes gone. Forever. Anyway, he's all I ever dream of in a man, tall, handsome, fit. He's just amazing and the way he carries himself just so polite and humble. It all changes when they're together. Shes faking it for the money I know she is, she cant love him if I love him. It doesn't work like that. It doesn't matter though i never had a chance anyway and if i did I'd take it immediately. You see, the world has a huge mold of what love is supposed to be like. They say love is a game that many people play, and die for. When in reality love is so hidden from many that it's pretty much gone by now but that's where I step in. I may be young but I've experienced true love. The ones closest to me say its "lust" but I know what love feels like, it wasnt just about their looks. It was their smile, their eyes, their hugs, their...everything. Then it was taken away, just like that a snap of a finger, gone. All they did was press one button and my whole world shattered and shifted. That's when I truly felt heartbreak. After that, I realized if it was so easy for them to just toss me to the side, why couldn't I do the same? Why do I torture myself everyday by thinking about them? Why cant I get over them? Because, if you're truly inlove you can just get over them, you cant just toss them to the side like they did you, because you're not like that. You're better. You're worthy. You're someone's everything. That's where we leave off. So goodbye to my past life and hello to my future.
~By Katrina Sullivan

The author's comments:

I have a lot of experience, maybe not in writing but in life. I'm not a writer and I never claim to be one I just thought this would be fun. :)

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