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Love is for Everyone

March 5, 2021
By Ikmickeyy11 BRONZE, Bardstown, Kentucky
Ikmickeyy11 BRONZE, Bardstown, Kentucky
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The word love is not to be thrown around all willy nilly without any meaning behind it. To love is to give your everything to someone, to have a connection, to do anything and everything for them. Whether that person would be a family member or a partner. These days, the word love is used to portray a sexual feeling, instead of an emotional attachment. Love is for everyone, not just for a woman and a man. Love is for any race and any sexuality. Whether you are gay, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, black, white, Asian, Latino, or anything for that matter... love is not bound to one culture. Love is a freedom and a right for everyone. When I look at the news and I see rioters and mobs raging over the fact that a man and another man are together or are married, it absolutely breaks my heart. One should not be judged based upon the one that they love because of their gender, race, or appearance. 

    I grew up in Louisville my whole life. Sexualities besides straight were not socially acceptable, if you were any other than that, you would hide it from everyone. It makes you feel alone and unloved knowing that you have to hide who you are. Another thing is the use of the word "gay". The word "gay" is not a word to be substituted for weird, unacceptable, gross, or fowl. "Bro, you are so gay for that." "You do chess, that's so gay." "Haha, you look gay" All of these are unacceptable. the word gay is to be used to describe a sexuality. An acceptable sexuality in fact. Words such as love or gay are being thrown around like they don't mean anything. 

    I personally believe in the right to love who you love. I've grown up wondering about my sexuality my entire life, you have the right to. Yes, it may go against your religion. Who in their right mind would stop someone from loving. For some people like me, it is just hard to imagine that this is actually going on. People grow up wishing for fame, money, beauty, etc. I grew up wishing for love. not just love for a partner, but love for the entire world. No more running from rioters because of who you are, no more violence, no more killings. I grew up hoping the world will someday become a better place. I know it's quite a big wish but imagine how much happier the world would be.

    Love is a valuable thing, once you have it, never let it go. Love is a risk, a risk of letting oneself go hoping another will catch you and keep you safe. Love is a gamble, putting all your cards out on the table hoping you have the winning hand. Love is a game, love is a roller coaster, love is love. Love is trust, honesty, hard work, and companionship. So the next time you are about to use the word "love" or "gay", please be cautious and think about what you really mean or are feeling

The author's comments:

This subject is very close to my heart. I have someone in my family who is gay, and these things have happened to them. I can't wait for the day they will TRULY, be accepted.

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