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You Can Figure The Title Out By Yourself Little Boy

December 20, 2009
By Rachel_Beth GOLD, Rainsville, Alabama
Rachel_Beth GOLD, Rainsville, Alabama
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Ugh! The pain and misery that sheds from my tear filled eyes. The grueling agony that fills my soul. This pain and torture was not caused by something I did or something I said but by the absolute immaturity of the male species. It never seems to fail that right when things are going superior and all of life’s operations are running smoothly the Y chromosome is there to make this well oiled machine come to a screeching halt. Men have no clue what they can do to the helpless self esteem of a young girl. They can annihilate, shred, and dissemble a girl to the point of hatred of her own mind, body, and soul. All with a flick of a muscle. I would like to think that I am a strong, self willed, determine, powerful, young woman that really does not care what anyone…especially guys…thinks of her. Unfortunately for me, the girl I would like to “think” I am, is really not the girl sitting here letting her wild outraged emotions fly onto this bit of paper. I am a pitiful, misfortunate, young lady that just wants some attention. However, not the attention she gets because she is morbidly plump, or the attention she gets for being thunderous, or the attention she gets for being imperious, or the attention she gets for just being run of the mill. No! I don’t want any of that attention. But like I said unfortunately for me…right?! And you may ask who is to blame for all this negative self disgust? MEN, BOYS, GUYS!!!!!!!! Think back to your adolescent years.Who was it that first pushed you down on the play ground, who was the first person to yell “EWWW! You have cooties!!!”, or who was the first person to check “no” on the “do you like me?...check yes or no”…note you passed in first grade, who was the first person to start a rumor about you stuffing your bra in middle school, or who was the first person to tell you your body was nasty or ugly, or who was the person to rip your precious juvenile heart to shreds in high school?!?! WHO?!?! A freaking boy that’s who! A pig! I have begun to realize that the root of all evil is not money…but things below the belt! I have never felt so much wretched stinging flow through my body as I recollect all the misery I have went through because of a man. As I look back at the reasons I am as bitter as a beaten dog I realized that it is because a young “gentlemen” has done something to damage me. There are walls around my heart so towering and massive you are going to have to blow a gaping hole through them because there is no way you can ascend over the top to reach my bleeding heart. Men, or shall I say boys; have pushed my sheer survival proficiency to a complete zilch. I feel no guilt or shame for wanting to just say to I am finished with them all. Not one man…not one chap…not one boy has brought me happiness or fulfillment that I have longed and yearned for since childhood. All I have gotten from them has been heart ache, tears, drama, restless nights, nights when I have cried myself to slumber and unadulterated abandonment. I have read the fairy tale endings and people have told me there will be one out there for you…or they are not all the same. You find me a real guy that does not treat me like the rest of them and I will owe you my pure being of humanity. Because as of now I am no longer putting myself through the corrupt world of self inflicting pain by putting up with the infectious world of the male freaking gender, species, or just pure stupidity any longer. So all I have left to say is “Thank you have a nice day!”

The author's comments:
I was angery one night. My anger ended in this. I would appreciate your comments and ratings. ;)

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on Jan. 9 2010 at 11:52 pm
qwertyqwerty123 PLATINUM, Concord, California
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"prey on the old and your a coward
prey on the young and your pathetic
prey on the weak and your even weaker
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writing really is good for getting your emotions out isnt it? just remember there are more types of love than romantic. you can let boys into your heart, even if its only as friends. oh and one more thing. dont be vindictive or vengeful. just because they hurt you doesnt mean you can hurt them back. i'm going to guess that you're the better person out of the guys that hurt you, so do the better thing. dont react that they'll notice. they would probably like nothing better than a reaction to you.