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What Is A True Friend?

June 19, 2011
By xxLivixx PLATINUM, Mason, West Virginia
xxLivixx PLATINUM, Mason, West Virginia
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Is there really a such thing as a true friends? Somebody who won’t disappoint you? Break your heart? Or hurt your feelings? If that’s what a true friend is, then nobody in the world could be a true friend or have one. Life is full of disappointment, and helping you in dealing with it is what a true friend really does. They stick by you, they take up for you, they sacrifice for you, and they share your pain, but most importantly, they aren’t afraid to disappoint you, break your heart, or hurt your feelings. They are not afraid because they are trying to bring the best out of you. A true friend brings you to life and inspires you. With a true friend, taking and giving is a balance that is easy to control. You just feel comfortable, and your not afraid to unleash your unmasked side, or show them who you really are. So who is your best friend? Really think?

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