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A Modern Teenage Fairy Tale

September 14, 2011
By MichelleAmanda DIAMOND, Miamisburg, Ohio
MichelleAmanda DIAMOND, Miamisburg, Ohio
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The world is just vinalla ice cream without the sprinkles that are creative people.

Once upon a time, about two years ago, my friend thought she found her prince. So together they laughed and they danced through happy days. She would wistle and birds would come out and play. He would place kisses on her lips like Cinderalla's charming prince.
But unlike a famous sleeping beauty the kiss was not the end of the tale, far from it. My friend's prince so different from that of Belle's did not just want her to love him. Oh no, her much less refined prince wanted her to make love with him .
And so my friend did express her love in the way that no Disney movie will ever display. It has been about two years since that fatful day. And now on this day I do not see my friend so much anymore. She is far too bussy for silly little pleasures such as a dance or a sweet kiss from a prince.
Because now you see, she has a daught that is 15 months today. So now as her little girl watches Snow White, my friend still trys to find her one time prince that no one has seen since the fatful day.
And they all lived unhapply ever after.

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