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War Of Love

September 16, 2013
By Ookami DIAMOND, Kiansas City, Missouri
Ookami DIAMOND, Kiansas City, Missouri
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When someone moves into your heart you're not really sure how to accept it. Nor do you know why you try to accept it, its a thing called love and even though we have all felt it. Held it close wanted it and needed it, not all of us have cherished it. Some have let it go let it leave because they don't always know how to deal with it. Its not about the good or the bad but the ride in between. I mean for example you can love someone so much that you forget why you loved them in the first place, you take everything they say the wrong way and make mistakes more and more because you care so much. People get jealous they get mean, they turn into the best people in the world and some leave to travel the world, maybe find a new love. Follow their dreams looking to the stars hoping that at some point maybe that one person can be there to follow their dreams as well. You can't always expect things to work but you do the best you can. Some get hurt along the way, some become unheard and just sit back and watch, not because they don't care, but because they don't know what else to do. To be alive and not have any power over whats happening, it's one of man kinds biggest fears. To walk down a road of uncertencies and not knowing how things will turn out has made so many people let go of a love that has been there for years. Going to a war makes people regret ever having loved but they don't forget how much they cared about someone. No matter how bad a person was no one can forget the feelings that were there at one point in time. They still linger in the heart and at times that you don't expect it they come back to haunt you. Shadows lurking in the darkness waiting to jump out at you, and some let this really get to them. They think there's only one way to get rid of their ghosts. So they drink they smoke and some end it all, it only takes one minute to pull a trigger, but a lifetime to let go of someone you use to know. What if we tried hard to let somebody in rather than pushing someone out. Instead of regretting we start feeling. And sometimes i just don't get it do we enjoy getting hurt, is that why we leave something great to find something not as great? Do we only settle because it's easier then trying to understand what really went wrong? Do we find something better in the end, something more than what we had. I believe sometimes we do, and sometimes we don't. A first love is only one time in your life, finding your first is easy though finding your last and best is different. See when you find a true love you know it. Because you do whatever not to lose it, you do whatever you can to make it work. You walk away when you're upset, say you love them even when you really don't want to, You look for ways to make them care about you more and more. You want them to feel the same way you feel and to want the way you want.

Even under the wire down to your last breathe, when your life is in danger your mom and dad or your friends not even yourself is the first thing on your mind that true love is. That one person you can't live without see some of us don't know who this person is directly,which is why a lot of people change when they have a near death experience. They at that time understand that the thing they really wanted was there all along. That when they looked away they lost track of what it was they were fighting for, you see the way love is seen now a days. People think it takes money to find love that every girl has to be like the girls in a movie and that every guy has to be famous or a country boy with a six pack and no shirt on. But that's not real love that's what's seen on television. The world is full of people who love everyday and never fall for the types on the television, never let the small things come between you. Remember you're only two hearts but together you're one love. We live and learn and love each day like it's our last day. As i sit here tonight i can look up and see the sky less crowded as ever before, i understand that even the smallest of people can make a difference, and you don't have to use violence to win a war, or kill others to make a point. One of the worlds greatest peace activists, Ghandi was that example i hold his words to heart when he said.... "If it is to be it is up to me. If you would change the world then you must be the way you want the world to be.", In all my life i wondered why people looked to the stars when they pondered over hard decisions, now i know why. A lot of answers seem to be up there heaven, the stars, hope, dreams, wishes, people we have lost. Its all there all you have to do is look up. Maybe we can find true love there too. Well one way to find out, i hope i have found my true love. Someone patient kind real doesn't lie to me someone who protects me and only wants to be with me. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night for no reason and feel a little sad, and all i do is sit up in bed and look around not really knowing what you're looking for. Though you feel like somethings been ripped out of you and like you don't know what it is, though you want to find it you can't and you lay back down and close your eyes tight and slowly fall back to sleep. Then their face comes to your mind and before you can say you miss them you're asleep again, and you wake up and don't remember anything at all. Words can only express what we fell but it is no substitution to actually hearing someone talk about the person they love. They say the way they look at me makes me smile, the way their eyes shine makes me want to stare into them forever. Listening to friends talk about their first loves made me really think hard about what an impact love has on a person. Some loose their first because they move away others because they want to follow their dreams and don't want to hold the other back. Others who may not be comfortable with a life decision you make. And instead of trying to make it work they run away from it. And then there are those who get so lost in love that i feel they must know everything. They're not bad people just unsure and easily broken, but loving them leaves you with a great life lesson. Every time you fall for someone you learn something new learn that maybe not everything's about you. Or that some people just don't change and maybe you are just wasting your time trying to give them more chances. Some learn that not every person takes things the same way that some are easily upset or faster to trust, and some are harder to believe words and easier to forgive. Being forgiving is a good trait but even that trait can cause conflict sometimes it can make others feel as though things are their fault or that its ok to do the same thing they always do, even when that may not be the case.

To love is to cease to be alone is what someone said though apposed to that people can be in love and still feel alone. They can be together yet so far apart and not even realize it until its too late. When you lose a love you loved the most its like living without a heart, and trying to let someone else in takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of patience and consideration and a lot of trust not for the other person but for yourself. You must learn how to trust yourself again to find that thing you had that got you through each day before you knew the love you lost. It's a long and rough road and some people get lost along the way. They stray off the tracks and find themselves lost in the forest not knowing which direction to go no one there guiding them so they fall for each and every trap laying in their way. Though when they finally find that pathe again they find that the love they have for themselves has become stronger and they make better decisions for their own sakes instead of waiting for someone else to make the first move, they run out and start making decisions themselves. It's like seeing a new born baby with no knowledge of pain or desperation. Like they are innocent again and have nothing in their past that has gone wrong. Most people call them crazy or survivors but they're just people, just like you and i. People looking for what they hope to be the best missing piece of themselves. A person who understands them and stands by them even when others will not. This is the one thing that most people do not understand, they ask why? People ask me why i write why i treat others the way i do even though they have hurt me. I just tell them i have passion for seeing the beauty and serinity in all things even the things that don't always make sense. So let me say does it make sense to fight when the wars not even yours, to sit and cry because you hurt for no reason at all. No it does not but we still do it we still live even though we're not perfect, we fight for our friends and family even though its not our fight. There are others brave people some that i know who choose not only to fight for friends and family but for everyone in their country, even those they do not know. The men and women in the military no matter what branch Army, Marines, National guard, Navy, or Air force. I know people in every branch and i asked them all the same thing, What was your first love like and why did you love them so much. Each one answered about the same way because they were there for me we didn't argue. They were there for me, so let me ask why can't it be that way now? The world is a battle zone in the end and to win this war it doesn't take weapons or force. No in this war it takes an open mind and an open heart. A will to see people the way you want them to see you to win this battle of love we must all see what love is.

The author's comments:
This piece is dedicated to all my buddies in the military everyone of their love experiences first loves. :)

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