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History of Music

November 2, 2019
By tarantula BRONZE, West Hollywood, California
tarantula BRONZE, West Hollywood, California
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I am obsessed with music. I listen to music as much as I can. I will listen to it when I am doing homework, playing games on my phone, or just hanging out. I have a Google Home at my apartment, and it will play a playlist of music I like. I rotate through artists I like, but I tend to lean towards alternative music. Right now, I like Green Day and blink-182. When I like an artist, I tend to read about them on Wikipedia and learn as much as I can about their history. It makes me more interested in the music, as I feel like I know them and I can relate to their music and its changes. For example, after I read about the Red Hot Chili Peppers, it made their lyrics more personal and I realized why their music changed over the years to relate to their current struggles. The members have gone through drug problems and deaths, and it can be heard in their music.

In school, one of my favorite topics to learn about is history. History is my favorite class because I like learning about people from the past and I think history can teach us many important lessons. Through history we can learn about mistakes that were made in the past and try not to repeat those mistakes again. History also explains where we came from, which I think is interesting to learn about. Through history we can learn a lot about each other and discover how some of our ancestors lived.


Mistakes are very important. The reason why they are so important is because when you experience them, you learn many lessons. The lessons you learn are important because they teach you not to make the same mistake again. I can relate to many mistakes before, and one of them was about speaking up or not. This mistake was when I got in trouble for something I didn’t do, and instead of speaking up, I just sat quiet. To this day I still remember that moment when I made that mistake, and I will make sure to never make that same mistake again.

Music has been a part of humans’ lives since the prehistoric times. The first instrument is believed to be the human voice. However, the oldest instrument that has been found is a 43,500 year old flute, which is consisted of a cave bear femur with holes in it. Even prehistoric music had repetitions and patterns. The oldest known song is 3,400 years old, written in Sumerian writing in Syria.

I discovered that even prehistoric humans had music, and music has evolved since then to have more detail, with lyrics centering around certain subjects, different instruments with different sounds, and concerts to spread the music to fans. However, the foundation of music has always been the same. 


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I combined some of my interests and made a small piece about them.

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