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Star Wars The Last Jedi

December 15, 2020
By peter4234 BRONZE, Valhalla, New York
peter4234 BRONZE, Valhalla, New York
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Star Wars The Last Jedi is a fantasy/science fiction movie being the long-awaited installment from the critically acclaimed “The Force Awakens”. The movie produced by Rian Johnson was made to be the middle of the sequel trilogy and bring the story closer to the end of the “Skywalker Saga” of an eventual 9 movie franchise. But while many flourished “The Last Jedi“ failed spectacularly.

 Most people were not on board with the route Rian Johnson was taking their beloved franchise, so much so he had to comment “The story decisions I made were 100 percent, completely organic. I was never rubbing my hands saying ‘how do I mess this up?’ or ‘how do I put this on its head?’ That was never the intent. My mission statement was to continue from The Force Awakens” (Britt ). The problem with “The Last Jedi” is the diversions. The movie tries to shake the franchise like “The Empire Strikes Back” this movie falls flat on multiple occasions. Luke will be a Jedi again, diverted, Leia will die in space, diverted, Huldo is a villain, diverted, Kylo can be redeemed, diverted, DJ will be a trustworthy ally for Finn and Rose, diverted and the worst of all Star Wars is the strongest force user to ever live, diverted, Finn will die, diverted. As you can see a lot of diversions occur to the point where the movie started becoming too predictable. Its attempt to be different only made the movie more flat and bland and not exciting in the cinema overall it was mediocre.

The movie with its many falls, however, wind up excelling in the directing of this movie. Rian Johnson had outdone himself in this criteria. With all the stunning shots that take place in the movie with the most stunning examples “Left with no other choice, Vice Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern) stays behind on a Resistance ship while allowing her fellow Resistance members to escape to Crait. To make sure they arrive safely, she turns her ship around to face down The First Order and makes the jump to lightspeed, sacrificing herself as her spacecraft rips through the enemy ship and causes untold amounts of damage”. The early idea I had was – and I storyboarded it all out – I had the silence thing as an idea from very early on. The notion of ‘how do you communicate the bigness of this, and the idea that this was all happening in a nanosecond?’ The notion that this event is out of time weirdly, and communicate the bigness beyond being just a big explosion” (Pearson) being within the movie's climax with General Holdo ramming into the Supreme Order and the silence that followed with the hyperspeed collision. Along with Rey and Kylo fighting Snoke’s Guards scene. The movie winds up looking like how a galaxy far far away would look like, absolutely stunning; if only the writing had been as good as the direction that came with it. “If you make something interesting, inevitably not everybody is going to like it.” -Rian Johnson. 

Although ‘The Last Jedi’ may not be the worst film ever in cinema history. It was truly a rollercoaster. I can respect how Rian Johnson thought it was time for a change, but the way he went around with it was truly disastrous, not only for the people who love Star Wars but for Disney Star Wars as a whole. The movie tries so hard to be different and most of it fails while other parts succeed, Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’ gets a final rating of a C- not a good movie but not awful it is just mediocre.

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My opinion on 2017's, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 

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