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My Top 5 Favorite Rappers

December 15, 2020
By bradyedwards69 BRONZE, Springfield, Ohio
bradyedwards69 BRONZE, Springfield, Ohio
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My top 5 favorite rappers

I am going to be writing about my top 5 favorite rappers. So number 1 we have Comethazine. He makes more aggressive music, usually talking about how he's better than a certain person. I like this kind of music because I'm pretty aggressive when I'm arguing or just in general sometimes. It also just gets me in a good mood,it makes me feel like I could do anything I want. Everyone says that he always looks angry too and that's true but who knows maybe he is always angry.

Number 2, Trippie redd. His music bounces all over the place. He has music that will make you miss your ex, and music that will make you want to fight the next personyou see. I like him for his more sad songs though like “Love Scars”. He has a song for every mood and I think that's why I like him. 


Number 3, Juice Wrld. Now everyone knows Juice Wrld, he is a music legend, even people who don’t listen to him know who he is. He was the most liked rapper ever, I've never met someone who didn't like him. He became famous in a matter of days it seemed. He was most known for his sad songs but he had a few aggressive songs. For example “Nuketown'' it wasn't technically his song because he was a feature but still he went crazy. His songs will never get old, his “Goodbye and Good riddance” album that came out in 2018 still goes hard to this day. He's helped me through all the hard times in my life. I still can't believe that on the 8th he'll has gone for a year R.I.P love you bro. 

Number 4, Lil Skies. He is mostly directed to music that you just vibe to. You know, just like kicking back and playing video games or even doing homework. His music just puts me in  a good mood. He’s the reason that I got my nose pierced and he even has given me some tattoo inspiration. 

Number 5, NLE choppa. Now like Comethazine he focuses on my aggressive music. Letting the listener know every song that he's a crip by using his adlib “crip,crip,crip”. While keeping a nasty flow he raps about all kinds of things like his momma, his street, his guns,and sliding on the opps. 

The author's comments:

These are my top 5 rappers that i like. These are by no means the best, just my personal favorite.

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