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Viewer Beware

November 25, 2009
By Lauren Messenger PLATINUM, Nashotah, Wisconsin
Lauren Messenger PLATINUM, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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Billions of hours. Billions of dollars. And billions of viewers. Watching television has become more than an activity to do when you have some down time after a long day. It has become a lifestyle, a regular event, and a danger to those who watch.

Television has poignantly affected children of all ages. With shows on MTV such as Jackass and Wild Boyz, young viewers have looked at these shows as more than just for viewing pleasure. Even though at the beginning of these programs there is a clear warning to make sure children are not garbled by the stunts shown on TV, teenage viewers have found these stunts as a new challenge for them to try with their friends. This has affected mostly teenage boys in a way that fruitless activities and stunts have become more important than homework and studying. This is one of few problems, however, with TV today.

Viewers of all ages are being inundated with inappropriate programs filled with nudity and derogatory language on a daily basis. Swear words and half naked actors are viewed so often that young children comprehend the behavior as normal. Children are looking up to the characters on TV as role models and getting the wrong idea from multiple shows on how to conduct themselves.

Television also creates false images and stereo types of what people should look and act like. Viewers can feel bad about themselves when they see a sanguine woman with gorgeous looks and a high powered job. Other than the fact that television can bring down a viewers self esteem, some shows hook people in to the point of obsession. Zealous viewers can get violent if they don’t get to watch their thirty minutes of The Biggest Loser. The problem has become apparent in the United States and has spread throughout Europe as well.

In summary, TV has made viewers phlegmatic, obsessive, badly influenced, and depressed. TV has become a plague to the environment and created robots out of once happy, bubbly, people. In the end, one thing can be corroborated from this article. TV will ultimately wipe out the human race and bring death to all viewers.

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