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Can't Let the Music Stop

February 16, 2011
By Palrice8 PLATINUM, Lynn, Massachusetts
Palrice8 PLATINUM, Lynn, Massachusetts
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"Face the downs and be grateful for the ups." - David Archuleta

I remember the night I first heard a small clip of David Archuleta's "Touch My Hand". It had leaked online, and everyone was going crazy over it. I liked it, of course. Once the album came out and I heard the full song, it was exactly what I imagined it would be. A cute, up-tempo song, perfect for David.

A few months later, David did a summer tour, and his opening song was Touch My Hand. I had only seen him sing this song once before, and to be honest I was too busy spazzing to even listen to his voice. When I went to his summer concert in Boston, he opened with "Touch My Hand", and it changed the song for me.

The whole arena was overcome by darkness, the only thing visible being the flickering lights from cameras. There was a loud heartbeat blasting through the speakers, and you could feel the excitement of the crowd as the energy emphasized with every thump of the heart. Suddenly, David's large silhouette appeared through the curtain, the only thing separating him and the audience. As the music began, the curtain dropped, revealing a smiling David as he started singing "Touch My Hand".

Everyone's excitement was obvious in the atmosphere as David's passion for music came shining through the song. Each time he would touch someone's hand while singing, you could really see his connection to the music and the audience. That moment, I realized how truly special that song and performance was.

Can't let the music stop, Can't let this feeling end, Cause if I do it'll all be over, I'll never get the chance again
Seeing David perform live is something everyone should experience. The feeling and in depth emotion he brings out through his music and to the audience is an indescribable feeling. The way I'm describing it is only an understatement compared to the actual thing, and I can't wait to see David perform live again.

The author's comments:
Was hit with inspiration and wrote this. I seriously can't wait to see David live again!

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on Feb. 21 2011 at 3:15 pm
LOVE THIS! Touch My Hand is one of my favorite David songs <3