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Music Can Change You

November 19, 2011
By Dontcloseyoureyes PLATINUM, San Tan Valley, Arizona
Dontcloseyoureyes PLATINUM, San Tan Valley, Arizona
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Music is one of the strong influences in our generation; Even if you think of yourself as “a strong person.” Music has a way of effecting your thoughts and perhaps later your actions.

Some of you maybe closed off to the idea that music can change who you are.Perhaps it will not but be open minded and look around you, music is everywhere. You can be in a happy mood than you hear a sad song (maybe that reminds you of something) and it changes your whole mood. Or it could be the opposite, you hear a happy song and it just cheers you up.

As for music effecting your thoughts I have personally experienced this. If you are always surrounded by encouraging joyful music you tend to be more optimistic and hopeful about the things that go on in your life.

But on the other hand if you are constantly surrounded by negative, sexual, profanity in the music you listen to it changes what you think about, how you talk, and your attitude.

I have a friend that when I first met him, he was nice to be around, I rarely heard him curse, and he was not as negative as he is now. Somewhere over the summer two years ago he started listening to a lot of the big rappers. The ones that constantly talk about sex and say a curse word every other word. Now all he does is curse, talk about sexual things, and has negative things to say about everything. He thinks that all that matter is his looks . It is sad because I thought he was stronger than that but I guess if it happened to him it could happen to anyone.Now it’s so different with him, I still care about him but sometimes I cannot be around him for to long because it just makes me sad how much he has changed.

I hope I made the point that the music you listen to can change in even in the littlest ways. So next time you turn on the radio or your i-pod and hear a song that you like listen to the words or even look them up. See if the song has a good meaning or if it has things that you actually agree with (think of your morals); And if not, well deeply think if it is going to effect you in a positive or negative way. If it is going to effect you in a negative way, well I bet you could live without it!

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on Dec. 8 2011 at 1:45 pm
This actually affected me because I am around all kinds of music good and bad I listen to the good to mild ones and there is not much change. I do care about what I listen to. My mom dose not let me listen to bad music.