August 28, 2012
By balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
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people say that changes in life are acceptable...but whats true....
the changes are not acceptable but its adaptable

It all starts from 7 octaves and where it ends nobody knows. It is nothing but Music. Music has a very deep roots in history of humankind. It is an ancient as verbal language. Music is a mode of human expression that reflects of mankind. It is thee certain of culture, emotions, feelings and surroundings that echo's human condition.
Is music that important to life ?.............Answer is of course yes......Life becomes boring when devoid of music. It has power to transform a religious boring ceremony into a blast of sublime experience. Not only for religious ceremony, music is for every occasion from partying Rock 'N' Roll and wedding ceremonies to a funeral...Not only for entertainment now a days Music plays a vital role in psychology department. It is proved that a mentally stressed person can be treated by a counselling using a method called Music Therapy. One more interesting fact in recent is that faster musics brings alert thinking and energy while slower tempo music takes us to meditation. Try this if you like. Choose your favorite fast beat song as your alarm and it will surely make you to be happy and vigorous from thee first moment when you wake up.
At times music serves to enhance thee written thee word and in absence of written expression, communication on its own. It is not only a form of communication; its a persuasion.
Than all this it is a way of connecting different society all around thee world beyond many countries, state, cities, towns and villages. For example, thee most hit song of this 2012 "WHY THIS KOLAVERI" is something which touches all thee youngsters heart all around thee world. The National pride award "OSCAR" get connected to India only thorough the music of A.R.RAHMAN. So Music is a universal common unique thing which generates human emotions.
According to me Music means lot to me. It had given me a new view of life. It stands a best friend to me even when no one is withe me. LET US BE STAY CONNECTED WITH MUSIC...............

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