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Dear Readers: 1D or JB? HELP!! ~ Love, Taffy

December 13, 2012
By Tafkas SILVER, Monrovia, California
Tafkas SILVER, Monrovia, California
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So. I thought I’d write this article as a mere change of pace. I’m tired of going with the flow. I’m about to reveal something to you. Something… MAMMOTH.


(CUE REPORTERS) Tafkas! What is this SOMETHING you speak of? Tafkas! WE MUST KNOW! Don’t leave us hanging! DO TELL!

My stars; I am SO glad you asked.

Well, I’ve been doing a lot of entertaining stuff, really; learning (for about the 3rd time) about the Platt Amendment (seriously; they taught us in, like, the 5th grade… then 7th… now 12th… sheesh!), puzzling over INTERESTING pre-calc concepts, enjoying the most MARVELOUS complexities of cell metabolism… over… and over again… in AP Biology, and – of course – tearing my hair out over college admissions. No big. But somewhere in the midst of all this, I still had time to experience an amazing moment of revelation.

Yeah – that MAMMOTH, portentous ‘something’ I referred to earlier? That change of pace? It’s coming right … now….

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with an old friend of mine. We were hanging out, just enjoying each other’s company, listening to music – when suddenly she asks me: “So, is it One Direction or Justin Bieber?” She turns down her music and gives me this intense look, like the fate of the entire universe was in the balance of this all-too-important query.

Not that I have anything against 1D (although I do recommend Tylenol for that Bieber-Fever); I just couldn’t understand the gravity in my friend’s eyes. I felt like I was being interrogated (flashlight and scary henchmen included) in one of those old, black-and-white crime movies: WHERE WERE YOU ON JANUARY 7th, 4:06 AM?! WHO WERE YOU WITH?! WHY?!

My friend seized the arms of her chair, her teeth slightly clenched. My friend is quite shorter than I, yet in that moment, I wondered if sitting so close to her was a good idea. I mean, she seemed pretty stern.


I contemplated the consequences. If she were a die-hard fan of Harry Styles, our friendship (or my LIFE) could be at peril if I answered, “Meh. JB’s pretty cool.” And vice versa. And I kind of like the way I look; you know? I mean, my hands look pretty cute attached to my arms like that.
I realized things were getting tense. Finally, I asked her, “Who do you like best?”

Then she began rapturing over 1D like there was no tomorrow. (At this point, I was pretty relieved. The chances of there being no tomorrow for ME were virtually eliminated.)
I learned some things that day; namely: 1D yay! – & JB, nay….

But that’s not the mammoth thing. The thing is – I don’t care for either of these artists. If you look through my music library, you’d see a lot of older music. Like, 1980s older. Like – Prince. (Swoon!)

So… inform me! If you feel that my friend is right (or wrong), tell me! Clue me in to this new-fangled music, yeah? ;)

The author's comments:
As a devout fan of the "oldie-but-goodies," I sometimes am a bit lost as to the hype over some of today's rising stars. If anyone could explain why our man Justin Beiber gets more Youtube hits than, um, Prince, I'd love to know! Of course, it's all in fun! (No one is coming after my hands, are they?) :D <3

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JB O2L & 1D said...
on Nov. 19 2013 at 12:59 pm
ok i have to do an essay for school my teacher said on somthing i love i said 1d and justin she said ok go for it so my title is DIRECTIONER VS BELIEBER :WHOS BETTER? can someone help me on this and help me write this  idk what to do i have  3 best friend 1 hates justin and 1D the other one is a die hard 1D fan (she licks the area on my niall poster talk about weird) and my other one loes both should i go to them on this subject me plzz its due next friday

on May. 30 2013 at 12:51 am
SentByWolvesOnHigh BRONZE, Rancho Cucamonga, California
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For me, this question is not that hard to answer. I do not have a high opinion of either band (or person) but I must say that One Direction wins hands down here. Their music is way better than Justin's any day of the week. Thanks for bringing up this question, because it is important when it come to who is better. One Direction or Bieber? Plus, I loved the humor you put in here. Very funny to read.