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Red. Yellow. Green. Colors to Guide Your Life.

October 8, 2010
By maxxykat94 PLATINUM, Centreville, Virginia
maxxykat94 PLATINUM, Centreville, Virginia
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There are many colors in our world. Think of how bland and unexciting it would be without color. Colors light up our surroundings, and inspire us to be creative. Also, we can learn many things from the natural colors we see and what they symbolize.

Red always represents action, vigor, passion, and anger, which are all very active feelings. Where do we see red? How about…stop signs? They catch drivers’ eyes, as they require an immediate response to stop. To ‘raise a red flag’ means to alarm and alert someone with unexpected information. Also, what about animal warnings? Hourglass figures on black widows’ backs, or marks on dangerous animals, are red too. Gypsy moths, Cicadas and termites are all destructive. Red is often used in the military, in battle, and also on a lighter note, represents Christmas. Sometimes red can mean evil. Red is the color most commonly found in national flags to symbolize the blood that was shed to protect the land.

On the other hand, yellow reminds us of bright, energetic things…the sun, for example. Yellow calls our attention…The yellow pages are where you’ll find phone numbers for all kinds of businesses. Yield signs and yellow lights on traffic lights caution us to slow down. Curbs painted yellow remind us not to park in those areas, as they are reserved for emergency vehicles. “Yellow journalism” refers to reporting that is alarmist and irresponsible.

In medieval Spain, executioners often wore yellow. In plays during that time, actors portrayed the dead in a play by wearing yellow. During WWII, Jews were made to wear yellow stars on their clothing to represent their nationality. The expression, “yellow streak” applies to cowardice. Yellow is often associated with diseases, like malaria, yellow fever, and lyme disease.

Green is the final color, which tells us to go, and reminds us of health, growth and nature. It can also mean envy, jealousy, greed, or …luck and wealth. A person with a “green thumb” is someone with a gardening talent. Sometimes green, like yellow, can mean pale and sickly. Green symbolized victory in ancient Greece – no wonder they put laurel leaf crowns on their champions.

These colors can guide our lives, and help us discern what colors around us mean. We need to always be aware and looking for colors which can give us clues and messages in this amazing world.

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Persuasive writing assignment. A bit odd, now that I look back on it...

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