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Being Brandede

August 10, 2011
By Exacting SILVER, New York, New York
Exacting SILVER, New York, New York
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I hate being branded by my clothing especially by my t-shirts. I think everything I own is branded by some company on my body or the tag. The only way to avoid this is by buying independently or make my own. Those both are time consuming but I only like my clothes for designs, colors or the message on them not the company. I think I have enough clothes and only a few shirts branded on the torso but seeing other people with it is annoying and I hate it. Is it possible to find a pair of sneakers or any informal shoes without any branding on them. Didn't people have to ask where you got your clothes instead of reading it off of your body. It's become so annoying reading corporate names on people bodies. Don't they advertise enough. They don't even pay for the advertisement they make a profit off of it. It's like a tattoo instead of a piece of clothe especially since some people have their entire wardrobe with brands from head to toe. Why not be a spokes person or a forever wondering model for that company? If a celebrity can than why not me? Why not get paid to get dressed and wander the streets of some city? But then again why be so degrading? Why must companies be so dominant on their brand to have millions of copies of their companies name on clothes instead of real art and things that have meaning. Why not have all clothes recycled from the garbage worn now? Why not be more creative with the corporate "art"?

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