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Helping Homelessness

September 29, 2022
By 69400tfernandez BRONZE, Riverside, California
69400tfernandez BRONZE, Riverside, California
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There are approximately 3,316 homeless people in Riverside County. That number is increasing every year. As different tactics have been tried to decrease homelessness, it is clear that increasing shelters is not getting rid of the homelessness issue or even lowering the numbers. It is important that awareness is spread and that money starts going to solutions such as low income housing and programs to get homeless people off the streets.

Shelters are a good thing for getting homeless people off the streets of Riverside County. In an article by Spectrum News, they state that the number of sheltered homeless people are increasing and the number of unsheltered are decreasing. However, the problem is that the overall number of homeless people in Riverside County is still increasing as the years go on, meaning shelters are not a solution to homelessness, just a way to manage it.

Thankfully, $10 million was given to by the state to help the homelessness problem in Riverside County. The state got to decide where the money went, choosing to spend it on increasing beds in shelters, funding employment services, and fixing up 18 housing units. This will hopefully make the county have more affordable housing and be working with homeless people directly to get them off the streets and employed.

Riverside county has their own 5 year plan to help end homelessness. Their focus is mainly on providing physical and mental health services, treating substance abuse, increasing affordability and expanding public awareness of homelessness and housing. It is really great that the focus is not just on shelters now. The plans of the county and state have become to help people who are on the street get off the streets rather than just preventing further homelessness.

Although homeless shelters are important and serve a good purpose, they are not a solution to homelessness. Riverside County and the State of California have turned their focus to getting people who are on the street, off the street, and making housing more affordable so people with lower income can still aford a place to live.

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