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where are we going?

March 6, 2013
By balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
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Though the year had started well with high colorful dreams there were a sad part where the colors went black the dreams was trashed in some places.one such place and one such incident was Delhi rape case.it created a massive shock to the whole Indian society. The great loss of one girl symbolized the safety to whole women society. But now it had become passing clouds.

There were many organizations that raised their voice for the justice of a single girl. But the reality is that after the case of Delhi rape dogged many incidents that were closed just as a statements of a victim. These cases were not brought in a limelight. The Madhya Pradesh had a statistical account of 3,406 rape cases which covers 14.1 percent of India crime status says the NDTV report out of which there were cases of minor child, mentally challenged and also the physically challenged. Why these cases have not reached the parliament while only the voice of Delhi case reached them. The Madhya Pradesh has been noted as one of the poor states of India. There were many people seeking justice for one single girl but who will seek the justice for those Madhya Pradesh victims. Every year the victims of the state increases while no sign of depreciation.it is not the matter of one state but the consideration of whole India. The government giving the financial strength to those affected family can never bring down the rate of accuses. The law has to be enforced strictly in order to save each individual. If this rate continues surely leading the India to the destruction.

The problems on this issues, that tempts to care on nations because of hands one is media and the other is education. Always India is rightly connected and associated with the media. Most of the emotions are sometimes directly transferred from the connection. Not only including the TV but also the newspapers radio Internets etc. The media has to convey the information not only for the TRP but also as a responsible citizen to communicate it. For the first day, the news would come in the first page to bring the sensation. The day by day the size of the matter go smaller and smaller waiting for the day of next sensation and thereby to neglect the older one. This way of communicating can never bring a good result of justice. The media support to the citizens should be a backbone for each individual to voice out. The news should be reached everyone so to help to voice out. This is country mentioning "for the people, by the people, to the people». It is only by us the country is build. If the media had rightly conveyed at a right time the strong vision of India is build.

The secondly, the education system. The mind gets buzzed on these educations. The education can never be a two-step process of mugging and vomiting. Education is considered right of every citizen. but this type of education can never give the society a youngster who builds India 2020.where this education had not made to understand the feelings of a opposite sex .The modulation of bring a co-ed school is to show that feelings of both human kind is same apart from its physical sate of being. But this part of education system in India has only thought to compare the marks and rank status. This needs an ultimate change. The way of psychology in understanding the emotions of both sexes should be applied to this education. This is going to bring change in life of both teachers and also the students!

I think that can make India with a broader, wiser vision that develops a significant changes fulfilling every dream of Indians of vision 20-20

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