October 30, 2013
By balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
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INDIA-The CULTURE, TRADITION, PROSPERITY…Oh! Of course, the word India always means the mention three. The culture is only path that can pave a way for the other tradition and prosperity. Today I can normally quote a statement «we all live in a Indian society». But do we really understand the inner sense to live in it…..? First the INDIAN culture really refers to what….? I am really puzzled to answer this..
How many of us know what’s more pride and sizzled about Indian culture……? Normally the food, dress, hospitality all put up into same magic bowl called culture. Rajasthan-chapatti, kolkata-rasagula, Tamil nadu-vada, gujarat-dokla……..oh wow that really adds taste makers to my tongue. Even in the food we are all different states have different tastes but then too this could said in other words as commonly “a food piece of India». But we just got away from this track and being trapped by the packed items of this variety that is been imported. Now a days it is trend to say that “the home made foods are not worth making my taste”,.
Not only in food is the tradition that we have changed in our costume ultimate. Of course the jeans had become the formal one but never should we forget that it is not our tradition. The culture to which we are exposed in presenting ourselves in wearing costumes is a barrow. The food and dress had made a turning twist in our daily life. This change our life style in family bundling’s of today’s world.

We all were living in a united (join) family. That got broke up into nuclear families but now we are in a position to be jumbled about the “living together». This is not the thing that we all aimed for. Adapting to this environment of getting into families has made us to lose our own identity of living style.
Ah this lifestyle has just made a remembrance of taking me back to the days that I waited for the may season to come. Because the may season is most colorful and enjoyable month of India. Even though the month also known for its sunny temperature the chillness spreads in the heart. This the month totally known for the festivals of various temples. The streets filled with the colorful baloons,buuttermilk,cotton candies, toy guns….oh my god that add more beauty to my aesthetic culture. Now days, the festivals are bound only to the four walls by the western products. The play stations smarts mobile phone malls and stored are really leisure to certain extents but horrible fact of driving us mad into the shell is heuristic.
The Indian festivals…the Onam, Diwali, ugadhi, pongal, etc. are just fully made out of enjoyments. There is one census telling the Indians are the only people who know how to celebrate their festival and that give them great credit. But there is another black mirror of another census telling that the 27% of Indian people do not come out during their festive holidays. The handmade dishes done during these festive really keep the taste buds more brisk. But people fear to do works on these days so they shift themselves to the western foods that are already made (especially imported).
Westernization also played a major role in economics…? Will you be in a position to disagree this..? No you cannot. The best example is the trade intraction.the interaction between the buyer and the seller has been greatly the comfort ability level has come down. There may be so much organization which can bring all the powered products under single roof. But it can never make the buyer to speak and the seller to listen. The way of calling our street shop owners (annachi, nayar, etc..) the words just built a relation. Not only that if you are able to analyses, the Indian raw products that has been exported just return back to us in a shined packed fine product to which today’s generation shows up the interest. And payable to that product is double the amount of our raw it is a process of playing a boomerang with our economics.
Above all Indians has just forgotten everything of their own, the westernization in Indian can change in and around but not the emotions of Indians. The culture are the soul of any human to live civilized. Human lives need trend and fashion but we cannot live without the soulful culture. The sad part is Indians need more motivation and awareness to the beauty trend of their own culture. There will be a fine day when Indian are going to look back in the soulful Indian culture in search of themselves. There is a fine when Indian soul speaks for you that is the day people will start to think that westernization is not apt and adaptable to our society. This westernization is just a posh appearance of Indians. But the emotions of Indians have just got locked up inside the overcoat of westernization. Whatever be the stuffs of westernization the saree for the women and dhoti for men is going to be the trademark identify of shining Indian culture. The sarees and dhotis are waiting at the locked shelves and those vadas and rasagulas waiting at the pan to look back at them. So NO WESTERNIZATION!!!

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