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the world as i know it part 2

November 9, 2013
By ansem_unlimited PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
ansem_unlimited PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
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Thou may think of me as desired, to idolize or villanize me whichever you may choose. but gaze upon me and thou sall not see the husk of a man! for all my sins and all my bliss, i am anything but hollow

All sane (and some insane) people look to justify themselves in some way shape or form. We all think of ourselves as good people, or in some cases as a bad person… let me back up a step… if I were to ask you to tell me if the person next to you was a good person what would you say? If it’s your friend you might say something like “Yeah he’s a cool guy” if you don’t like the person you may say “no, he’s a jerk”. What if I asked you if you thought of yourself as a good or bad person? And I want you to really think about this… you may begin to think about that time you opened that door for someone, but then you may think about that time you called someone stupid… the fact is, it’s hard to truly say that you are a genuine all around “good” person. I’m not saying you’re a bad person, I’m just saying that you may need a military grade measuring device to find out if the glass is half full or half empty. And it’s not really worth it… once you’ve backtracked everything you’ve done you’ve realized you’ve missed out on most of that day, or week, or even month! The time it takes to measure your self-worth is not worth the stuff you’ll miss out on while you’re pondering your life! And some people think in the complete reverse mindset; say there is a very particular person who is aware that he could be labeled good or bad at any given moment, the desperateness of that person will cause them to over weigh their actions and jump to the conclusion that they aren’t worth the air they breathe! The solution is simple; don’t focus all of your energy about what you have done, (notice I said ALL, still acknowledge your mistakes and your success but don’t over focus) then focus on making your next move count by focusing on your own actions so when you do mess up or get mad at a friend your good actions outweigh your bad actions, or just don’t think about it at all! Let the pawns fall into place, if you make a mistake just brush it off and put a best foot forward, don’t try and make your every action saintly at every waking moment, what happens is going to happen.

The author's comments:
This book may contain sensitive content to some people like political leaders and philosophers, and you may read a passage at one point and say to yourself “That’s not true!” or “how do you know?” well that’s because I’m not a “world renounced psychiatric professional, or a super whiz who spends all of his time researching economic junk, I’m just a very observant novelist who would to give you a view through the looking glass that I look through every day, a way to express a view on our world as we know it and perhaps open our eyes to the world around us, I don’t spend every waking hour pondering this but it is the world as I know it and I would like to give you a tour, who knows… maybe our worlds are closer than they appear… as you read this book keep an open mind and think about what I’m writing, and remember; I’m not a professional! If you quote this book and it turns out someone else doesn’t agree with something in here, please don’t sue me, I am just expressing an opinion here, so with the prelude aside, let us dive into the looking glass.

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