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Which Am I?

October 1, 2014
By Honeysuckle55 GOLD, Littleton, Colorado
Honeysuckle55 GOLD, Littleton, Colorado
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I was scrolling down Pinterest when a pin popped out at me. It had pictures of the same girl but wearing different outfits. Beneith each picture it had a one word discription. Some of the discriptions were popular, rebel, musician, hipster, dancer, and so on. Then I looked at what someone had written below it, "Which one am I?". This made me stop, pause, take a moment and realize what it was saying. Then I asked myself, which one am I? Do I know? Do I know who I am from others' perspectives? I was really curious to know. Then I asked myself who i thought I was.  Then the thought popped into my head, why can't I just be all of them? I mean, what if everyone else thinks i'm a good girl when inside I'm a rebel? What if I want to be sporty after school but a musician during class? Everyone steoryotypes each other. Oh, they're the nerds, they're the rebels, I'm a musician. Do we have to though? What if they just want to be friends with everyone instead of sticking in their own little groups? If a kid who wasn't in your "group" came over and sat with your "athletic" bunch at lunch what would happen? Would no one talk to them because they weren't athletic? Would people not know them just because of the seperation of groups? What if we just combine groups? Let people be who they want to be even if that means letting them change who they are every single day? It is  true that lots of people don't mind being in their "groups" but some people want a chance to spread their wings, meet new people and change identity. We should try. I mean, just let people choose who they want to be and if a friend goes and chooses to be a rebel or a hipster and realize they like it, let them change. Just remember, they're still your friend even if it seems like they're a different person each day. Everyone wants to be who they feel like being but don't discourage them, let them shine.

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