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When the Teen Crossed the Road

January 14, 2009
By Anonymous

In 2008 there were over half a million fatalities of teens in car accidents. Not only were teens caught in the head lights of another automobile, but they were also caught by the local police department, either burning rubber or drinking while driving. The amount of adolescence between the ages of 15 and 19 caught for one of these lethal transgressions is expanding. The United States government ought to deliberate whether or not they should set a law that will only permit teens to drive if they obtain a high school diploma. If a regulation was set similar to this, not only will it create the roads safer, but it will also bring the education level in public schools up.

In the United States alone there are more than a hundred thousand drop outs each year. Students are deciding that they have better things to accomplish then to complete high school. Since, they are capable to drive and acquire a profession, high school students are wedging school out of their lives. However, if it becomes too were they have to receive a high school diploma to be capable to hit the roads. They will work extremely vigorously to achieve that objective. They will collect superior grades and will conclude high school, which will decrease the quantity of high school drop outs each year.

Visualize, a mother just finished shopping for her two toddlers at home, is pulling out of Wal-mart’s parking lot at 9 pm. As she crosses the intersection, a drunken teen slams right into the driver’s side door. It totaled the car and exterminated both drivers instantaneously. An incident like this could have been prevented. If teens receive a high school diploma before they begin driving, it would make the roads an improved location for everyone. Not only will it do that, but it also will show that the student is responsible enough to be driving. It takes a great amount of effort to go through school, just as it does in driving. When a student can show that they are successful enough to go through high school, they will also be a successful driver, therefore making the roads safer. Anyways, not only did that teen kill a mother, he left two toddlers, motherless, a father wifeless, and an entire family devastated.

Of course, everyone remembers the first time they got behind the wheel. They all wanted to take their friends out and go cruising down the streets, or ditch school lunch to drive over to Jack-In-The-Box. But, with that there comes responsibility and high school students are not as responsible as they should be which make roads unsafe and students to have grades drop. There is a very simple thing that would change all that, just but passing a simple law making it so that students are not allowed to drive until they receive a high school diploma.

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