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February 4, 2009
By Janessa Warren BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Janessa Warren BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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(Federal Corruption Bureau)

The world would be a better place without corruption, which is everywhere I look. It is present in every country and society, from the staged elections in Zimbabwe to the melamine cover-up in China to the drug scandal in the Mexico's national narcotics division. Even America too, with its high ideals and general prosperity, has plenty of corruption. We expect it, or at the least aren't surprised when it shows up. Without corruption, America would be so much better. Americans could trust that their law agencies, government, and politicians would always do their jobs in ethical and principled ways. If there was no corruption, the American way of life would be greatly improved.

If there was no corruption in businesses, Americans would have faith in where their money is going. There would be no overcharging when there isn't competition, no low-quality products and no cheating or fraud, however subtle.

No corruption in law agencies or the justice system would mean no false sentences, no deep throats, and less innocents locked up or guilty people walking free. If America was like that, Americans would live in peace and harmony, confident in the rule of law.

When people think of politics they usually think of cheating politicians. That is very true. From Blagojevich trying to sell Barrack Obama's Senate seat to President Nixon taping a Democratic strategy meeting, politics is infested with corruption. Without corruption in politics, without the bribes or favors, America would have more equality and fairness in everyday life.

But, as many people say, people will be people. How could corruption ever be stopped? I think that to confront corruption, we must start with the government first, as the justice system, politicians, and regulation agencies are all tied to it. To confront corruption in the government, and through that, America, I think there should be a department assigned to corruption. It would be an agency that doesn't have any bureaucracy strings attached to it; an outfit that watches every part of America's administration, even the President, for signs of corruption, but has the proper checks and balances. Just as there is the FBI to watch terrorists, why not have an organization created especially to watch for corruption? Yes, this department would be hard to establish as it will have to fit with the Constitution and not infringe on workers' privacy, and then still catch corruption, but it could work. And it would be worth it. With no corruption, every part of life in America would be honest and without guile or ulterior motives. America's people could really trust the people in power and have confidence in the businesses they are forced to depend on.

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