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Sex Education Is Important

August 9, 2016
By balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
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"Rapes in india has been increased"Is it coz of the dress ? Is it coz of culture or life style or the mentality.? Do you say is it coz of westernization, Then media? No not at all. Well in the list every thing has played a small role. But not entirely. I feel it's coz how the gender and sex has been portrayed in the society.

For the first Time when a teenager hears the word "Sex" in his biology class and teachers face goes disgusting and she keeps reading the page fast. Once she completes, says "Students! You will study about this in brief in the higher class". You should see her face when she walks out of the class. It will be like she got a double bonus for Diwali. I have a doubt here. What if the students chose commerce in the higher class and he doesn't get an opprtunity to see the teacher getting embarrassed the next time?

Next comes our own parents and family. Our Indian parents still change the channel when romantic scenes appears on screen. There is a kissing scene,they will be like "Ahem!Chotta!,Ahem! Get some water(Coughing)" Why yaar ?

C'mon you parents felt romantic that way hence you guys resulted in son or a daughter. It's not something you will have to hide it from. Don't your kids deserve to know how they are born? Teach them Bees and birds. Who is gonna teach this when you are not ready to?

This is applicable for both male and female children,the family has.

All of this has made the teenagers to increase the curiosity. It is suppressed for years together. Our generation is explicitly brilliant. They go for self learning. We actually follow this trial and error. Sometimes We fall in wrong hands, wrong place and wrong influence.

When talking about the Gender, both men and women should be given an opportunity to know and share the knowledge of sex . Why should the woman be suppressed? Shouldn't they be given rights to express? The main problem about the Indian society is they say they are becoming open minded but by nature they are judgemental. When a both genders talk about sex , they label you "Perverted"(sigh).This has created a large gap in knowing the opposite Gender, forming a egoistic society on the whole. Where the people do not have the right space to share what they really mean by sex.

Sex is not all about the pleasure but its an emotion and a feeling like the other. Let's teach our generations at least. Let's not get so suspicious about it. The curiosity of Sex should be well explained at the right age and the right place. It will be our school and our own family. This right education is the only way to prevent rape victims in the future.

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Sex is not all about the pleasure but its an emotion and a feeling like the other.

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