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We're all Philsophers

November 6, 2020
Muhammad-Aizaz-Salahudddin SILVER, Lahore, Other
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"Nothing is more creative . . . nor destructive . . . than a brilliant mind with a purpose."
- Dan Brown

What is Philosophy exactly?

Well, the simplest definition on Merriam Webster may be the most accurate: ‘Pursuit of wisdom’.

Synonyms include doctrine, dogma and gospel; and that’s where we begin to stray from the actual meaning. Because when used together these three words share one thing in common, they are all an ‘established belief’.

Labelling Philosophy as established is part of the reason for the modern stigmatization of the subject as something done and over with, a thing of the past. While different schools of thought do exist within the larger topic, any previous works are not there just to be studied as they are, but are sources to reinforce future ones.

Coming back to the original definition, it is quite apparent that we’re all philosophers. We all seek understanding in our lives and question just about anything. Our internal philosophies are what guide our life choices. We form our own values and principles to live by and while most use it for personal enlightenment, some leave their mark of wisdom for the world to carry.

Quotes, books and manuscripts have stood the test of time because their message is Universal and are as relevant as ever. These sources merely propose guidelines or a mindset that according to your own views could seem completely absurd or maybe totally relatable. Conflicts on personal beliefs have been functioning ever since the early stages of philosophy. So when the popular belief arose that all bodily functions are controlled by the brain alone, Plato denied the theory as materialist and divided the soul into three separate parts: appetite, spirit and reason. This dispute remains present even today among those who argue between trusting the mind or the heart of oneself.

Although the subject may seem alien and nothing but complicate verbiage to someone unfamiliar to the subject, it is impossible not to recognize and associate teachings of the great philosophers with present world issues. It really makes you wonder how a thousand years ago and today, people of wisdom are still beneath those struggling in a war for power and not understanding.

So read and form your own beliefs, and don’t be afraid to differ from social prejudice. In time you’ll be strong enough to even express those opinions.

The author's comments:

“Books are mirrors: you only see in them what you already have in you”.

-Carlos Ruiz Zafn

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