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The Complexities Of A Teenager And Bhagvat Geeta

June 16, 2021
By Anonymous

Life is like numbers and we don't know which one is real and which one is imaginary (here I expect that you know about the real and imaginary numbers).
I mean to say, we cannot distinguish between right and wrong in the present and this is what happens with a teenager. We are having a lot of queries and complexities in our mind and we are struggling each day and we want to get out of it and we want a happy going life. Oh... seems to be typical...I think we are even tired of such kind of motivation and writings and books and songs and movies and just everything, but wait …
Today I have something great to tell are you curious?
Once upon a time, there was a wise and mighty one named Krishna. Wait, I am not going to tell you about the Mahabharata and the fights and even not about the spiritual theory and all that…
So, Krishna is neither a God nor a Superman but he is a feeling, a heart, and a reality. He was Arjuna's best friend and so when the Mahabharta began and when Arjuna was in his baffled state of mind, he went to his best friend and asked him what to do, as we all do. Krishna explained to him the complete Geeta and made him totally focused on his duties and responsibilities. And finally, Arjuna got everything and won. Now the essence is we also need to find our Krishna to win our small battles. He is there with us always and will be forever but we ignore him and that is why we are always confused. All the great qualities that we read somewhere or listen to are totally included in Geeta in the simplest way. Go and read it once. To feel the Krishna, to enjoy and utilize each and every minute, and to get the purpose of your life, you just need to find and be the best friend of your Krishna. There is no need to go to any Temples or Churches or Mosques or in any other prayer houses to worship God, He is beside you, behind you, before you, and inside you and thus he is always with you. yah, you must be that teenager who can connect spirituality and science.
There are many more spiritual books to read but why should one choose Geeta? That's the biggest deal about Geeta. That is the reason why not just Indians but people from the whole world are passionate about Geeta and they read it, again and again, every time when they are in distress and despair. And that is why you might want to try to read it for yourself.
Now there may be a question why a teenager should go through it? So... What I think is that to visualize the still, small voice of our conscience that tells us loudly and clearly to not to run away from the battles we have (much cheaper compared to Arjuna), but to end up fighting with not which is convenient but with which is right. And thus a teenager must read it to get the company of our Krishna who has been ignored for years and let us go with our complexities.
How can you ensure you are behaving well? There is no correct answer to this one. But there are some hints, ideas, and suggestions in the Geeta to help you along. The rest will have to discover for yourself as you proceed.

The author's comments:

Bhagvat Geeta is a guide to live our life at its fullest. Reading it is from one my best experience! Thank you!

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