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The role of emotions on us 

September 22, 2021
By Consciousness SILVER, Sao Paulo, Other
Consciousness SILVER, Sao Paulo, Other
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We tend to see the world today as being led by the intellect. Science, technological advances, the accessibility of information, etc. has affected us in a sense that we tend to elevate in high standards the intellect, the rational view of things. Even our educational systems based their curriculums around this point of view. Take your class schedule, for example. How many classes do you have related to a non-science subject. I think the answer is probably just a few. The majority are related to a core academic setting, such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and History. But, even though we think that the rational part is the domain of our point of views, the vast majority of times what drives us are the emotions. You can be good at a STEM course at your school, but you still get angry or sad when a bad grade comes up. Telling from a personal perspective, I can assure that the emotional side is our predominant feature to make decisions. 

I’m not saying that one is better than the other, what I’m trying to say is that you can improve your life if you know how to manage your emotions. But, let's try to understand this way: do you have a mind, right? Ok, I hope you said yes. Now, imagine this mind as a knife. Would you like to have a blunt knife or a sharp knife? If you agree with me, it’s better to have a sharp mind, simply because It works better this way. In the same way, would you like to have sweet or bitter emotions? I think we can all agree that sweet emotions might be the best way to do it. 

And that’s something really cool when you transform your emotions into sweetness, which is called love. But, if the same emotion becomes bitter, we can call it hatred. And this happens because they are the two sides of the same coin. If it falls on one side it will be love, if it falls on the other side it will be hatred. You can easily note that by watching your parents and relatives (or even yourself with your family). The loved ones are also the most hated. Many times you feel anger against your siblings because they did something you didn’t like, even though you love them. But, you don’t hate a random person walking on the streets. These two emotions are pretty close to each other and that’s why those types of things happen so much. 

The big choice you can make is to choose if you want your emotions to be sweet or bitter. It is an obvious answer, but the reality is that many people are maintaining their emotions in the bitter side. And this side doesn’t need to be an active hate, it can be frustration, agitation, fear, angsty, or anything else that is unpleasant. But, since emotions are still the predominant way of feeling life, choosing a sweet one can transform your life into something more positive and happy in general.  

The key point to understanding this is by the pleasant and the unpleasant. If you become pleasant in the body we can call it health, and if you become very pleasant we can call it pleasure. If your mind becomes pleasant we can call it peace, and if your mind becomes very pleasant we can call it happiness. If your emotions become pleasant we can call it love, and if your emotions become very pleasant we can call it passion. And the list goes on and on. If you can be pleasant in your own body, mind, emotions, etc. you can share this positiveness with other people around you.

So, the question is up for you to answer: do you want to be sweet and pleasant or bitter and unpleasant?

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