November 25, 2011
By RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
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What goes up must come down

Desires of earthly things strikes my mind all the time. Everyone wants that fancy car, be rich, leave in big houses, be recognize for things he or she does, but when it comes to God we back down. When God wants us to do something, we don't only back down but we don't listen either. We want more from God and when He gives us what we desire we forget him. That one of the biggest mistakes we make in life but God forgives us. We cry to God desiring what we want but never are content with what we have . Monotonously, some people on this earth likes to please people but not please God. Our desires to God is to be with him, get to know him, worship his name, thank him but we humans don't do that. People wake up in the morning and leave but they don't even thank their maker for making them alive. See the thing with God is, He also like to be praised and honored just like we want to be, Not praising God or saying even thank you to Him is a shame. It just not giving God any respect for this things he does for us. Getting the fancy cars and houses and everything is good but we have to thank God for giving it to us. Many of times we humans forget how blessed we are. Am not here to criticize any one, am speaking the truth . There lot of things that we tell God to do for us and we are still never happy. God grant me this and that but it always wanting more. That how greedy we humans even get sometimes. We desire things at a point in life when we don't even need it at the moment but just like to show it off. God has blessed us enough and let honor his name for the things he does. On this earth, we want to leave big and drive those fancy cars but when we leave this earth, where are we going to end up if God is not on our side. There is nothing that we can do if our Father ignores us and we lose our possessions.

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We forget that God blesses us all the time!

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