April 9, 2012
By RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
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People say there is no God and i think that is not true. There is a God, though HE can't be seen, we Christians believe He is prevail. Many people think in their need of difficulty God doesn't hear them. They then say God why have you forsaken me, why is this happening to me, where are you God, You have failed me, if there is a God,why is this dilemma happen to me, others blasphemy against God and etc. As a matter of fact, we believes do they same thing to God. We ask God for help then we don't return the indulgence. We break our promises. We forget God has done something for us and by doing that we don't achieve some blessings in our lives. Nobody is prefect but we can make things right. To an agnostic, when something happen in their lives somethings they can care less. To them what ever happens happens . Its like they just live to see tomorrow. Am not criticizing them for not knowing God or not believing in him. Lot of times, things that we do in life makes us feel that there is no God. Gods understanding and humans understanding are different. God doesn't want bad things happening to his children but then sometimes we are also tested to see how strong our faith and loyalty is. For example, when somebody perishes in your family you blame God and ask him why me. You cry and cry and the dead doesn't return. See sometimes God lets some things to happen in our lives to test our faith. Would we continue to praise him in the mist of our trouble or would we curse HIM or call Him names. Things we do brakes the heart of God and that is not right. There is a God. God is everywhere and there is no way that HE would leave his children astray. He cares for everyone and very loving. Agree with me or not, that my believe and nothing can change it.

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