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Christmas with a Capital C

November 22, 2015
By J.A.Ws SILVER, Peru, Indiana
J.A.Ws SILVER, Peru, Indiana
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To begin I would like to thank Brad Stine and Go Fish for their views on the subject. In this article I would like to talk about religion. But, I don't want to talk about which religion is right or wrong and to be honest I really don't care what you think or believe.I want to put more thought into the subject of why do you care about what I believe? Why are people everywhere insisting that Christian values be as publicly renounced as physically possible?When was the last time you saw a Christian display set up in a school? Why do they care what we put up for decoration? Last year my homeroom teacher was supposed to decorate our door as a college team. One student courageously suggested a picture of a large statue of Jesus that stood up on the outside of their football stadium. The teacher immediately said no because she was worried that the picture would offend people. Why would that offend someone?!? I've also noticed a campaign  that is specifically trying to get the word Christmas changed into Xmas. Brad Stine said "Christmas isn't about a religion. It is part of our culture that we thought was so valuable that even if I disagreed with the religion behind it. Because it was good for all!". That is the essence of Christian-based holidays. It's not about religion. Its about the ability to see that no matter what it's called, that Christmas is a time of joy and cheer giving. And if you're going to get stuck in the fact that the name has christ in it then fine but don't drag where the essence of happiness for millions of people because you are offended by the very mention of Christ in a conversation. If you have a problem with that then leave. Don't tell the other people who are completely fine with their beliefs that they are offensive. You can just go to whatever you believe in and sulk there for a while. It's not against the law and it never will be. The simple truth of it is that this country was built off of Christian values. If you have a problem with that then talk to somebody in Washington because it's my country too! It's not Xmas! It's called Christmas with a capital C!

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This is a very opinionated essay that will probably get a couple of bad comments but the moral value I put into it is hopefully enough to let you see the truth of it.

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