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My Future Career

March 8, 2021
By johnnieljones11 BRONZE, Piedmont, Oklahoma
johnnieljones11 BRONZE, Piedmont, Oklahoma
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Dribbling a basketball in your driveway with an imaginary shot clock in your mind, catching a football and juking out fake defenders, or hitting a baseball off the tee like you’re in the World Series, every kid at one point has had a moment like these they can relate to. Professional athletes are some of the most notable, marketable, and well-known worldwide and sports are played around the world no matter who you are or how old you are. Sports take a great amount of dedication, athleticism, and love for the sport. Professional sports fits me because of my drive and dedication for sports, my willingness to train and do whatever it takes to become a pro, and would be good enough to become paid the amount that the average players make.


A professional athlete is an athlete that plays their sport at the highest level. A website called Learn.Org describes a professional athlete as “an athlete who is paid to train and compete in official sporting events, often for entertainment purposes”(Become a Professional Athlete). There are thousands of professional athletes of different races, genders, and cultures and they all do what they love for our entertainment and there are many different paths to choose to get there.


Sports usually do not require necessary schooling and the training is based on the player and how willing they are to work to become a professional. A page on states that “None required, but athletes are typically discovered competing in high school and college sports; study in exercise, training and nutrition will be required”(Professional Sports Career Info). Many professional athletes go to college on scholarships or in hopes to obtain a scholarship in order to play their sport collegiately and gain recognition from pro teams.


With sports being in the entertainment business, being played on television worldwide, sports bring in a ton of money. According to, the average salary per player in the MLB, NFL, NHL and the MLS can range anywhere from $400,000 to nearly $8.5 million dollars(Sports Highest Average Salary). Professional sports take a lot of different skills and with the amount of money you can make as an athlete, you need to be one of the best at what you do or you won’t make it very far.


To be a professional athlete you need to be determined and skillful and I think I have what it takes to be a pro. Being a professional athlete requires hard work and determination. It pays extremely well especially the better you get at it and can be an outlet for many. Pros are the best at what they do so it is necessary to work extremely hard and spend time to work for it because there are many athletes trying to do the same thing you are doing.


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This was a research paper done about what I would want to do when I grow up.

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