September 2, 2011
By RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
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Every body wants that model look and sometimes it difficult to get that perfect body you want. Over training courses problems in many different ways. Some times there can be joint pain, pain in the muscles and headaches. All athletes over train sometimes. It good to work the muscles to failer but over working the body that much couses stress. I myself included i think sometimes i workout a lot. I would admit that i do workout a lot but i don't train to were it becomes an obsession, even thou i love training. There are lot of ways that you would know whether you over train. Some people don't realize that working out can be an obsession. How do you know when you are obsessed with working out. Here are five ways you would know that you are over training. From the experts of "Mens Fitness" I learned that an obsession to working out would be feeling guilty for not working out even for even two day. What a coincidence, i feel that way sometimes. Another way to over training is eat fat free foods and sometimes skipping meals entirely. I am a workout idiot but one thing i wouldn't do is sacrifices my family, and friends to workout. Some people workout a lot and it a serious dilemma for their family.One worst problem is feeling tired even after a rest. The reason for that is the body is so worked that even few hours of sleep doesn't help. There would be insomnia, headache, sore throat and other things. It important that after every hard training the body would get lot of rest and lots of fluids going in. One things that leads to the hospital is working through pan. That the worst part of everything. When you working out and you feel any pain, you have to stop what you doing and stretch. It is very important to stretch because the muscles could have shifted or the wights are very heavy. Nobody wants to be in pain, it hurts and the worst things is, training would be difficult. You can be a workout freak but train wisely.

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