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Sports: Tool to Fitness

March 15, 2015
By TheDolphin ELITE, Iloilo, Other
TheDolphin ELITE, Iloilo, Other
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Is there anything we know better than watching and cheering for those who play basketball?

Most of us teenagers are fond of keeping an eye towards TV shows about sports events such as basketball and soccer or going out to the actual place of the game, then sit on a very comfortable area and shout out the name of our idol when he is leading the team. We even stay late at night just to finish the program in order to have the knowledge when our group of friends chat about it the next day. But as we abuse ourselves, we forget to look after our body. We fail to keep in our minds the essence of being physically fit. Why then engage ourselves in the field of sports instead of just sitting on the farthest bleacher?

Sports are outdoor or athletic indoor games that use strength and power. It is done for recreation and amusement in which it could not only move away boredom, but also give the person who undertakes it the supreme vigor and physical fitness our body needs to withstand and resist sickness.

According to studies, perspiring and working out our body could burn fats and fight obesity. It could also prevent the formation of heart ailments because the circulation of blood could flow continuously as we make sports a form of exercise. It could also add years to our lives if we help our body become healthy and fit.

In sports, we are not only trained to become robust and a disease-free individual, but also it teaches us to have the virtue of discipline, a value which could lead us to our pots of gold whereas nobody is harmed as we run up to the finish line. It also ties us to our fellow players, letting us gain friends and making us a united team.

There are always possible actions we could do rather than being a mere looker. Let us be the “who”, who will shoot the ball to success and it doesn’t matter if we would be out of place in their conversation. Let us be their “topic” in their talk. Let us free our spirits and enjoy the better world, expecting for our arrival.

We teenagers should sneak out to this reality and explore the realm of sports. We could make a “change” for our own development and for the progress of our nearing future. Sports must be one of the answers.

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