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the first night i slept without you

August 22, 2018
By sydrose2018 SILVER, Linden, New Jersey
sydrose2018 SILVER, Linden, New Jersey
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“don’t let anyone, ever, make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want.”

moonlight hit my gloomy face. 
competition of tears in a race.
the pain you dealt left a place.
permanent mark, cannot be replaced.

tossing and turning.
mistakes felt like a burdening.
ungrateful regret unnoticed.
beautiful words, left unspoken.

like a thief in the night. 
took my heart, without a sight. 
beautifully killed an innocent soul.
her world left, deadly dull.

trust inbound within a human.
belief and faith there was no wrongdoing.
broke my heart within a second.
everything gone, within a millisecond.

tossing and turning.
cries for all of you, yearning. 
temptation is satan.
love was mistaken. 

took a risk and rolled the dice.
should’ve known i wasn’t the prize.
another girl within his eyes.
laying in a bed, full of lies.

left alone, broken and cold.
heart is dead, pure hard stone.
how he made me feel, specifically.
is how he did her, physically.

three in the morning.
nothing but mourning.
experiences were truly blue.
the first night i slept without you.

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teenage heartbreak.

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